Thursday, June 15, 2023

June Déjà vu: SR 9 in Lake Stevens closed June 21-28 for roundabout construction

By Diana Barreto

You read that right. It’s happening again! We’re closing both directions of Stat Route 9 between Lundeen Parkway and SR 204 in Lake Stevens starting at 9 p.m. Wednesday, June 21 through 5 a.m. Wednesday, June 28.

This should all feel very familiar to folks who live or frequent the area since the closure will give crews the time needed to build the second and final multi-lane roundabout as part of the SR 9/SR 204 Intersection Improvements project.

While we understand that a multi-day closure is inconvenient, a second one in the same month can feel like an even bigger challenge for both local and regional drivers. Hang in there with us! After this closure the project is practically done and all that will be left to do is striping and lighting which will only require some nighttime lane reductions.

The detour around the SR 9 closure between SR 204 and Lundeen Parkway
takes traffic along Lundeen and Market Place.

Much like the last closure in early June, our crews will remove pavement, build the multi-lane roundabout at the intersection of SR 9 and SR 204, complete drainage improvements and install new signs.

When this roundabout is complete, people will have direct access from Frontier Village to SR 9 and SR 204, as well as a variety of options to navigate the area.

The closure may have to be rescheduled if it rains so make sure to visit our project website here and subscribe to receive email and text updates by clicking visiting this website (and selecting Snohomish County Newsletter) for the most up-to-date information about the closure.

Plan ahead for this closure

Business access will remain open during the closure. If you’re traveling locally, please avoid unnecessary trips through the area if possible, carpool to reduce the number of vehicles adding to congestion, or plan to travel at off-peak times and allow for extra travel time.

Please drive carefully, avoid distractions and be aware of other drivers. Stay alert in work zones – the crews are working to keep everyone safe and traffic moving and they need to be safe as well.

The first multi-lane roundabout being built on SR 9 and North Davies and Vernon roads

About roundabouts

Roundabouts improve safety by acting as traffic calming devices – slowing down approaching vehicles – and reducing the likelihood of T-bone or head-on collisions. Drivers should lower their speeds to 15-20 mph as they approach and drive around the roundabout.

Here are a few key things to remember when driving through roundabouts:

  • Yield to drivers already in the roundabout
  • Stay in your lane; do not change lanes
  • Do not stop in the roundabout
  • Avoid driving next to oversize vehicles
  • Use your turn signal when exiting a roundabout to let vehicles waiting to enter know if they can proceed.

To find more resources and videos on how to navigate a roundabout please visit this website.

Roundabouts and pedestrians

Modern roundabouts also are safer than traditional intersections for people walking or rolling – another reason for this work on SR 9.

Crosswalks are set farther back to allow drivers more time to react to people before they merge into or exit the roundabout. Triangular islands between lanes also provide safe areas for pedestrians to wait if they choose to only cross one section at a time.

The graphic below shows pedestrian and bicyclist movements that will be available through the SR 9/SR 204 area once the project is completed later this year. The new crosswalk across the SR 9 roundabout will be fully operational shortly after the extended weekend closure is complete.

The bike and pedestrian improvements at the intersection of SR 9 and SR 204

Catch us in town!

Over the next couple months our project outreach team will be hosting pop-ups at different locations near the SR 9/SR 204 intersection and around Lake Stevens to share information and safety tips for driving through roundabouts. We’ll be sharing more information about those pop-up dates and locations through our Snohomish County Newsletter and through social media. Stay tuned! We hope to see you at one of our pop-ups!