Tuesday, June 13, 2023

In the ring or on the dock, ferry attendant works hard for the public

By Kathy Mesa

We love reminding people that our workers are more than just a hard hat, orange vest or someone to guide you on a ferry. They are coaches. They are volunteers. They are professional wrestlers. Wait. … say what?!

You heard right. Kingston Ferry Terminal Attendant Randy Zellers is also known as TI Kwon Bro in the ring.

At his day job, a friendly and down-to-earth Randy makes sure the bridges and planks at our dock are ready for service. He helps travelers get on and off the ferry safely and keeps the facility tidy and secure. Randy was a familiar face to many on our central and south Sound routes until recently transferring to Kingston.

Randy Zellers greets people at our Kingston ferry terminal with a smile but
greets his opponents in the wrestling ring with nunchucks

But Randy also knows how to get rough and rowdy with nunchucks as a wrestler with North West Pro. He’s come face to face with many opponents, hurling them across the ring as fans holler and cheer from the side. You can watch Randy in action at various locations across the Pacific Northwest and California but mainly at the Key Peninsula Civic Center in Vaughn – about 17 miles south of Port Orchard.

Randy has been interested in wrestling since he was a kid. Several years ago, he attended a live professional wrestling event as a spectator and had a light-bulb moment.

“I was just like, oh wait a minute. …this is just like a play, but only professional wrestling gives the excuse that it will be Halloween 365 days a year,” Randy said. “It’s just another excuse to put on a costume and play somebody. …I can do this.”

Kingston ferry terminal attendant Randy Zellers – aka TI Kwon Bro, with his nunchucks on a poster for an upcoming professional wrestling event

With a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo, Randy was ready to strike. He started out with Snoqualmie Championship Wrestling before landing with North West Pro in 2018. Since then, he’s quickly gained a lot of success, winning a title last year.

To prepare for a match, TI Kwon Bro gets in the zone by listening to music and running a couple laps. Then he meets with his fellow wrestlers to go over the game plan of getting the crowd riled up for an action-packed evening. According to Randy, when you’re in the ring, you’re telling a story.

Whether at one of our terminals or a wrestling event, Randy enjoys meeting and talking with people. He’s been with our ferries division for a little more than a year and says the work schedule allows him to be flexible.

“I can afford to do things for myself and my family,” Randy said. “Throughout the whole season, I’ve been on the same shift because it works out for me. We’ll see what the future has for me here. I have a funny feeling I’ll be staying around here for a real long time.”