Thursday, October 5, 2023

It's not an Appetite for Destruction, just work to stay ahead of the November Rain

By Amy Moreno

Any hope for an extended summer washed away when it started storming in September and now it's time to grab your flannel shirts and let that fall feeling set in. It seems like it went from shorts to sweater weather in a day. But nothing lasts forever, right? It sort of reminds me of that old Guns N' Roses song. … you know. … the one about the rain? It's a love song and I can almost hear Axl Rose in front of the piano pouring out his heart but maybe singing about road construction? "When we look into your eyes" as you drive down the highways we worked on this summer "we can see a love restrained" (Do you feel the same?)

It probably seems "we've been through this such a long, long time" because it was a busy summer for construction. I say "seems" because we're asking for a little "Patience" and hoping "your hearts can change." This autumn brings the start of two major projects on the state's busiest freeways and a major milestone for another long-term project.

I-405 Lind Avenue

"If you could heal a broken heart bridge, wouldn't time be out to charm you?" This project will replace a bridge that was damaged last year when a truck hauling a backhoe ripped chunks out of Lind Avenue overcrossing Interstate 405 in Renton. Crews will need a weekend-long full closure of southbound I-405 and 6-to-8 overnight closures to replace the bridge. Drivers should also expect multiple lane reductions on southbound and northbound I-405 into early next year. We're still finalizing the dates but it will be in the next couple months so stay tuned.

Work to replace the damaged Lind Avenue overpass over I-405 in Renton will happen in the next couple months, and will include a full weekend closure of southbound I-405.

I-5 Seneca Mobility

"We know it's hard to keep an open heart" after more than two years of construction, but this mobility project on northbound Interstate 5 near Seneca Street in Seattle is moving into its final stages. The third through lane opened in July and added immediate capacity to the road. If the weather cooperates, we will turn on ramp meters in late October. You may have already noticed the signal lights over the freeway and at the Cherry Street on-ramp. Those meters will change how traffic merges from Interstate 90 and SODO to northbound I-5 in the heart of downtown. New electronic signs will be activated soon as well.

A third through lane on I-5 near Seneca Street in Seattle was added this summer and additional work
on this project will happen in late October.

I-5 Duwamish to Lucile

This project will be another installment of our "Revive I-5" work. "We could take some time to lay it on the line" (by "it" we mean expansion joints on Military Road, which is what we think Axl meant too. …maybe), so contractors will begin work between Lucile Street and the Duwamish River. The project will involve grinding down spots in the concrete to eliminate ruts and replacing some expansion joints. The work will take place on both northbound and southbound I-5 with lane reductions and some ramp closures.

Work for this project will start Oct. 9 with overnight lane reductions on southbound I-5 between South Forest Street and Albro. The work will take place Monday through Thursday nights beginning at 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. the next morning. In addition, the South Columbian Way to southbound I-5 and southbound Albro off-ramp will close during this work.

Revive I-5 returns this month with highway repair work happening in south Seattle.

This project is especially important because "nothing lasts forever" so we have to do preservation work on I-5. And if you really do "need some time on your own" away from our love work; biking and transit are good options. It may or may not be "Paradise City" where you live but "November Rain" is coming and we're committed to repairing, preserving and improving roads as best we can.