Friday, October 6, 2023

Ben Reid the right man at the right place at the right time at NCW Fair

By Sebastian Moraga

No matter the situation, no matter how stressful, no matter how much of a fuss people insist on making over them, they just want to show up, get it done and get on with the rest of the day. And if the day does not go as planned, they are prepared for that, too.

Ben Reid, a highway maintenance worker from Waterville area, is one of those people. Not interested in getting the credit, just interested in a good outcome. But, well, we couldn’t help but give Ben some credit.

Last month at his hometown’s annual North Central Washington District Fair, Ben stood near the livestock sale when he heard the commotion. A man had fallen out of the stands and lay on the ground unresponsive.

Relying on his CPR/First Aid certification, Ben made his way toward the man and began applying cardiopulmonary resuscitation compressions on the man’s chest. After 28 compressions, the man regained consciousness.

The American Red Cross’ website states that CPR can double or triple a person’s chances for survival if bystanders take action.

Like Ben did. True to his nature, Ben refused to take a bow.

“There were three people who were all a part of it,” he said.

Ben Reid (third from right in sunglasses) was recently honored by his co-workers for his life-saving efforts administering CPR to an injured man at a local fair.

Days later, while Ben worked as part of a crew near Orondo, Terry Berends, assistant regional administrator in our Wenatchee office, showed up with a crew of his own, but this crew carried cameras, and a special token of recognition for Ben’s heroic actions.

The token, a gold-colored coin called the Safety Challenge Coin, rewards people for their lifesaving actions, and their commitment to safety.

“It was great to see (that) Ben used first aid training he received at WSDOT to save a man's life,” said Chris Keifenheim, our North Central Region administrator, said. “Ben's actions were heroic and admirable.”

Jim McWiggins, safety manager in our Wenatchee area, called Ben’s actions “a great example” of our commitment to communities both on and off the highways.

North Central Region assistant administrator Terry Berends (right) shakes Ben Reid’s hand after awarding him a Safety Challenge Coin after Scott saved a man’s life at the North Central Washington Fair

After saving a man’s life, Ben stuck around the fair. He had come for the livestock sale, and although the day had not gone as planned, he was prepared.

He bought a rabbit and a hog from a local 4-H club and went home.

Some people just like to get the job done.