Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Your guide to getting to, from and around the All-Star Week festivities

By Mike Allende

One of Major League Baseball’s biggest parties will be in Seattle when the All Star Game and its many events arrives at and around T-Mobile Park Friday, July 7 through Tuesday, July 11. Thousands and thousands of fans – many from out of town – will be arriving in the Puget Sound area to see some of baseball’s biggest stars.

While the majority of roadwork will be paused during the events, getting around is still going to be a challenge. Fortunately, there are A LOT of options. So whether you’re a T-Mobile Park regular or you’re wondering just how you’re going to navigate this major event, read on for a basic All Star Game Transportation 101.

So what’s happening?

Major League Baseball’s annual All Star Game – pitting the stars of the American and National leagues against each other – will be held in Seattle for just the third time (1979 and 2001 were the other two). But it’s not just the game, as there are many other events that are part of this.

  • Friday, July 7, T-Mobile Park: HBCU Swingman Classic, 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 8-Tuesday, July 11, Lumen Field/Lumen Field Event Center: Capital One Play Ball Park throughout the day.
  • Saturday, July 8, T-Mobile Park: Celebrity Softball Game and All-Star Futures Game, 4 p.m.
  • Sunday, July 9, Lumen Field: MLB Draft, 4 p.m.
  • Monday, July 10, T-Mobile Park: All Star Workout Day and Home Run Derby, 5 p.m.
  • Tuesday, July 11, T-Mobile Park: MLB All-Star Game, 5 p.m.
A look at the schedule of events for All-Star Week in and around T-Mobile Park in Seattle
(graphic courtesy Major League Baseball)

Driving to the stadiums

With so many people heading to T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field, driving will likely be extremely challenging and parking around the stadiums will be at a premium. That said, if you are planning to drive:

  • From the north, your primary options will be Interstate 5 or State Route 99. From I-5, exiting at 165A/James St. or 164/Dearborn St./4th Ave./Edgar Martinez Drive South/Airport Way South will put you near the stadiums. From SR 99 you would exit at the end of the tunnel, staying left to go to Royal Brougham Way, but note that the tunnel is tolled (more on that below).
  • From the south, the primary route would be I-5, exiting at Exit 163/West Seattle Freeway/Columbian Way, 164B/Edgar Martinez Drive South, or 164A/Dearborn St.
  • From the east, the primary route across Lake Washington would be I-90, exiting to 4th Avenue South or Edgar Martinez Drive South. SR 520 also goes across Lake Washington, exiting north of the stadiums so you’d get onto southbound I-5 from there, but note that the SR 520 bridge is tolled.
T-Mobile Park will be home to this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game and several other related events, bringing thousands and thousands of fans to Seattle.

Public transportation

There are a plethora of public transportation options to the stadiums, and they will no doubt be a very popular way for people to get to the events.

The primary carrier in the Seattle area is King County Metro Transit, which about two dozen different bus routes that stop near the ballpark. Sound Transit operates Link Light Rail from both the north and south, with the Stadium Station about a half-mile from the ballpark, and they are planning extra service. People can also exit at the International District or Pioneer Square stations. Sound Transit’s Sounder Train will also have special service to both the Home Run Derby on Monday, July 10 and All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 11 for fans traveling from the north and south, arriving/leaving from King Street Station which is about a half-mile from T-Mobile Park. King County Metro, Sound Transit and Kitsap Transit all will be fare-free on Monday and Tuesday to help get fans to and from the ballpark.

Another option is taking the Monorail, which runs between the Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is, for those not familiar) and Westlake Center in the middle of downtown Seattle – about 0.3 miles east of the Pike Place Market. From there people can take the bus or walk the 1.5 miles to the stadiums. The Seattle Department of Transportation also has a bicycle and scooter share program.

A ride-share lot also recently opened less than a half-mile from T-Mobile Park to make it easier for people to catch their rides.

With huge crowds and limited parking options, public transit like King County Metro buses is expected to be very busy for the All-Star Week events (photo courtesy Luke Distelhorst).

Taking to the water

The stadiums are near Puget Sound and plenty of fans will want to take a ferry either for fun or to reach the events. Our agency operates the largest ferry service in the country, and both the Seattle-to-Bremerton and Seattle-to-Bainbridge routes operate out of Seattle’s Colman Dock. There are no reservations taken for these routes. We welcome both passengers driving on as well as walk-on passengers and those riding their bicycles. (If traveling at peak times, walking on a ferry, if possible, is quicker than driving). More information about riding the ferry can be found on our website.

King County also operates the Water Taxi, with service from West Seattle and Vashon to Seattle’s Colman Dock. The Water Taxi is only available for pedestrians and bicycle riders, it can’t accommodate motor vehicles. Similarly, if you’re traveling from the west side of the Sound without a motor vehicle, Kitsap Transit offers Fest Ferry service between Colman Dock and Kingston, Bremerton and Southworth.

Riding the ferry is always a popular attraction, especially during the summer, and many fans will likely use the ferries to and from Colman Dock as part of their All-Star week experience.

Biking to the ballpark

Bicycling to the stadiums is a popular option. The city worked with Major League Baseball to denote “Green Path” for those biking and walking to the stadiums from downtown. Look for decals around First Avenue and Second Avenue. There are several areas for bicycle parking around T-Mobile Park, including inside the Mariners garage.


The easiest way to use public transportation is using an ORCA Card. It’s the simplest way to pay your fare – you just load money onto the card and tap it at an ORCA reader. The card can be used on buses, ferries, monorail, water taxi, Link Light Rail and the Sounder train.


There are a couple of toll roads people heading to the stadium may encounter. The SR 520 bridge across Lake Washington has a toll for those people going east/west, while the SR 99 tunnel also is tolled for those going to/from the stadium from the north. In both cases, we encourage people to set up a Good to Go account, which will allow drivers to save on the toll. Those who don’t have an account will receive a bill in the mail. There are temporary account options for visitors, but if you’re using a rental car be sure to check your rental agreement before you use a toll road as some rental companies charge additional fees for toll trips that we have no control over.


There are going to be A LOT of people going to the many events surrounding the All-Star Game. Public transit is going to be busy. Roads are going to be crowded. There is going to be a ton going on around the stadiums. Please be extra alert and patient, especially around T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field where there will be so many pedestrians out. Law enforcement will be out doing extensive traffic control – please follow their directions, don’t go around Road Closed signs and take it slow.

We will also have extra Incident Response Team workers out helping to clear incidents on highways. When you see flashing lights of emergency responders slow down and give them as much room as possible.

Sound Transit is adding additional service for its Link Light Rail trains heading to and from T-Mobile Park for Major League Baseball All-Star Week events (photo courtesy Luke Distelhorst

What my plan is

I’ve been a Mariners fan for 43 years, and I’m fortunate enough to be going to my first All-Star Game and events. As a (mostly) life-long resident of this area, I’m no stranger to T-Mobile Park but I know this is going to be special – and more challenging. I want NO part of the traffic or trying to park down by the stadiums so I’m going to give myself LOTS of extra time and take the Link Light Rail from Northgate Station to reach most of the events. I’m considering taking the Sounder train from Edmonds to the stadium on the actual All-Star Game day though I may stick to Link Light Rail.

However you plan to get around, please be safe, be patient, give yourself lots of extra time to get where you’re going, and have a fantastic time!