Thursday, June 20, 2024

The final stretch: Summer closures ahead, but finish line in sight for SR 520’s Montlake Project

By Nicole Phaysith and Steve Peer

An aerial view of a construction site with a bridge and a road under development, with a body of water shown under the bridge.
A west-facing look at Montlake Project progress in May 2024

Summer is almost here, and while we wish we were all sipping lemonade by the pool, major work is happening on the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program's Montlake Project. We've encountered some delays along the way, and we're accelerating our pace to get back on track and complete the project by this fall.

Bottom line: We'll have two major closures each month for the next three months of the summer to minimize delays. The first major closure for June is already behind us! We're giving you an early heads-up on remaining closures so you can plan your summer adventures.

Remaining planned major closures*

  • June:
    • June 21-24: Montlake Boulevard, Lake Washington Boulevard and SR 520 associated ramps fully closed
  • July:
    • July 19-22: Montlake Boulevard fully closed
    • July 26-28: SR 520 fully closed
  • August:
    • Aug. 9-12: Montlake Boulevard fully closed
    • Aug. 16-19: SR 520 fully closed

During these closures, crews will wrap up a variety of major milestones for the project. This is including but not limited to work on utilities, paving, and landscaping on Montlake Boulevard, the Montlake lid, direct access ramp, bike and pedestrian bridge and more.

Closure caveats

  • *We want to emphasize that these closure dates are planned, and exact dates and details for closures will be confirmed as we approach each weekend.
  • Closure schedules are subject to change based on factors like weather conditions and existing summer events. As we all know, Seattle's summers are stunning and perfect for outdoor activities. The sunny weather also makes it an optimal time for construction. Closures – and the traffic disturbances they create in the summer – are unavoidable, unfortunately. That's why we want you to have as much advance notice to plan ahead.
  • These closures are not inclusive of all upcoming closures. There will still be local street closures and ongoing ramp closures. We encourage you to check our Construction Corner website for all the latest updates.

Stay in the loop

We're committed to keeping you in the know with all the latest updates. In addition to our Construction Corner website, be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to get the freshest construction news and closure notices.

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Thanks for your patience

A huge thank you to all our Montlake and surrounding neighbors for your patience and understanding. We know it's a bumpy ride right now, but, we promise, smoother days lie close ahead. The line is in sight, and the improvements will be worth the wait.