Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Ferry workers save two people in one week at Vashon terminal

By Justin Fujioka

The week before Labor Day was a busy one for our ferry workers at Vashon terminal. They helped save the lives of two people in two separate incidents.

Person in the water

On Aug. 31, someone at the dock alerted our terminal employees that a person was in the water. Our staff spotted the individual and immediately called for assistance.

While waiting for help to arrive, our terminal employees were able to get a life ring to the person in the water. They also worked to keep them calm by offering reassurance that help was on the way.

Our ferry Issaquah arrived within a few minutes and a rescue boat was launched. The crew was able to successfully rescue the person from the water and bring them ashore to Vashon terminal. That's where emergency medical services took over and transported the individual to the hospital.

Our Vashon terminal staff and Issaquah crewmembers worked to save the life of a person in the water near the passenger-only dock on Aug. 31.

Cardiac event

Just two days later on Sept. 2, a ferry rider at the dock suffered a cardiac event. Our terminal employees quickly sprung into action by starting CPR. They also used an automated external defibrillator.

Emergency medical service transported the person to Fauntleroy aboard our ferry Kitsap to Harborview Medical Center, where they underwent emergency heart surgery.

All new terminal hires starting this year received training in the AED as part of their new hire training. All deck employees have received that training as a requirement of the Coast Guard.

We got word that the individual is on their way to recovery. Doctors say that our employees' speedy initiation of CPR probably saved the person's life and limited any permanent damage to their heart. The person's family has expressed their extreme gratitude to our Vashon terminal staff.

We are so proud and thankful for our terminal employees and vessel crews for stepping up when needed most. These events highlight why their first aid and rescue training are so vital. Safety and care of our passengers is always our top priority and we applauded all our colleagues who were involved in these rescues!