Monday, June 13, 2022

Are you ready for upcoming closures at SR 9 and SR 204?

By Tony Black

Winter is over, the sun is shining – at least, we hope it will be at some point – and you have your sunscreen and sandals ready. But this summer brings more than just sunshine for the Lake Stevens community. As the SR 9/SR 204 Intersection Improvements project team gears up for the final stage of construction, we want to make sure our neighbors in Lake Stevens are ready for upcoming closures too.

We're building four roundabouts at and near the SR 9/SR 204 intersection to help improve traffic flow, safety, and access to local businesses. We want to keep you in the loop, so we've set up an online open house to give you all the details. It will be available until July 25 to check out.

The final stage of the SR 9/SR 204 Intersection Improvement Project starts this summer in Lake Stevens and drivers should be prepared for detours and delays when the work kicks off.

What travelers should know

This is the third and final stage of this project. It includes three full closures, each lasting four days over non-holiday weekends. These closures will help us build improvements as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption. With the first of these closures scheduled for this summer, and the remaining two scheduled between spring and fall of 2023, we appreciate your patience as we bring changes to the area.

We'll keep you updated on the specific dates of the weekend closures. Before we do the work, we need to:

  • Post detour notices and signs on the road at least five days before any closure
  • Share detour maps at least one week in advance of the closure through social media and local community platforms
  • Work with Lake Stevens businesses to share information during full closures
  • Place police officers at intersections along the detour routes to help keep traffic moving safely
  • Divert regional traffic around other nearby routes to prevent congestion along the local detours

Why the SR9/SR204 intersection?

The SR 9/SR 204 intersection experiences congestion that affects Snohomish County travelers and freight mobility. By 2040, traffic volumes are likely to grow more than 20 percent.

We worked with the Lake Stevens community to develop a plan that incorporates their priorities with our vision of improving the area. The project includes four roundabouts and direct access in and out of Frontier Village, consistent traffic flow throughout the intersection, and features to help reduce driving speeds and severity of collisions.

Roundabouts will help traffic flow more consistently and safely through the busy SR 9/SR 204 intersection in Lake Stevens.

Thank you for staying involved!

Since we began outreach for this project in 2016, the Lake Stevens community has joined us for five in-person open houses, four business forums, 11 Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings, and more than 30 community group and business/property owner meetings!

How to learn more