Thursday, July 21, 2022

Construction work is heating up in Clark County!

By Kayla Dunn

Like clockwork, summer sunshine in the Pacific Northwest means a ramp up in roadwork. As you hit the road this summer, you’ll need to plan ahead to avoid traffic snarls due to a number of construction projects throughout the state, including quite a few in Clark County that are upcoming on Interstate 5, I-205, State Route 500 and SR 14.

To help ensure our investments in new roadway pavement lasts, our crews need warm, dry weather, leaving us a small window of time to perform this work. We try to schedule work at night or during off-peak times, but how people drive has changed during the past couple of years. As people return to workplaces, shopping and schools, they are traveling more and driving more. We’ve seen an increase in extreme high speeds, distracted and impaired driving over the past couple of years and in response, we’re making changes to how we do business to meet our safety needs.

This summer, you’re likely to see more daytime work zones and experience longer delays in order to keep our crews and the traveling public safe. We need everyone to take care to follow speed limits, drive sober and look out for people biking and walking on and near our highways. The work this summer may create some travel delays, but with some planning and patience you’ll get to where you need to go and these improvements will last for years to come.

Here’s a look at where major roadwork will be happening over the next several months in Clark County.

I-5/I-205 – Concrete Panel Replacement and Bridge Joint Rehabilitation

Thump, thump, thump is an all too familiar sound for people who travel on I-5 and I-205 in Vancouver and Clark County due to busted concrete panels. This summer, crews will replace panels on both directions of I-205 between the Glenn Jackson Bridge and the I-5/I-205 split, and along southbound I-5 between 134th Street and 179th Street, to extend the life of the pavement. Crews will also rehab bridge joints on several bridges along I-205 to create a smoother driving surface and extend the life of the bridges.

Work zones play a crucial role in separating roadwork from traffic. They provide a safe area for workers and a safe route for all road users. For safety, we’ll reduce the speed along some stretches of I-5 and I-205 to 45 mph, and set up nighttime, single- and double-lane closures as well as close ramps.

Some of our work this summer involves repairing damaged concrete panels on I-205.

SR 500 between Northeast 162nd Avenue and Leadbetter Road Paving

A smoother ride is in store for travelers on SR 500 in Clark County as we pave almost 10 miles of the highway between Northeast 162nd Avenue and Northeast Leadbetter Road in Camas. We’re also removing passing lanes and permanently reducing the speed limit on this corridor to slow down traffic and increase safety.

Construction started on Tuesday, July 5 and is scheduled to take about two months to complete. When possible, we will schedule this work during off-peak times to minimize delays and noise impacts but be aware that this work may occur at all hours of the day. If your travels take you through this area, plan to take an alternative route or expect delays of up to 20 minutes while crews are working. Drivers accessing this area of SR 500 from driveways or side streets should pay special attention as crews will be moving traffic through the area using a pilot car.

Road crews will be working to repair damage on SR 500 this year.

SR 500 and Northeast 182nd Avenue Intersection Roundabout

We’re building a new roundabout at the intersection of Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard (also known as SR 500) and Northeast 182nd Avenue to increase safety and reduce collisions in this area of East Vancouver. Plan for delays during construction while crews alternate traffic near the intersection. They’ll also need to fully close the intersection in early August for 10 consecutive days to construct the roundabout. During the total closure of this intersection, crews will install a temporary signal at Northeast 88th Street and Ward Road to help keep traffic moving through the area. Please use an alternate route or plan for long delays.

A new roundabout will be installed at the intersection of NE Fourth Plain Blvd and NE 182nd Ave.

Construction coming this fall

Later this year we’re adding new lanes of travel along a mile and a half of SR 14 between Southeast 164th Avenue and the I-205/SR 14 interchange in Vancouver to address safety, congestion, and inconsistent travel times along the corridor. In addition to new lanes in each direction, a peak-use shoulder lane will extend along a mile and a half of westbound SR 14 between Southeast 164th Avenue and I-205. This means that when traffic is heavy, westbound SR 14 travelers going to northbound I-205 will be able to use the right shoulder, creating an additional lane of travel – three lanes become four. When complete, travelers will encounter fewer backups and delays through the area. Construction could begin as soon as October and drivers will need to reduce their speed and plan ahead for possible delays.

A look at the layout for work coming to SR 14 in Vancouver.


Our maintenance crews are taking advantage of the dry, warm weather to get some much-needed paving work done as well. Crews will work on both directions of Northeast 117th Avenue, also known as SR 503, between Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard and Onsdorff Boulevard, just north of the main intersection in Battle Ground. You’ll also see crews doing some pedestrian/bicycle path improvements along SR 503 near Salmon Creek and along the south side SR 500 between Northeast Andresen and Northeast Thurston Way.


Whenever you’re in a work zone please slow down to the posted speed and pay attention to signs, workers and other travelers. If you can, move over a lane to give workers more space. It’s also good to allow extra time if traveling through a construction zone. If you do face delays, remember to stay calm – it’s not worth risking someone’s life.

Traveler Tips

With so much work happening in Clark County, it’s important to check latest travel conditions before you head out. You can sign up for Clark County construction email alerts and you can get 24/7 travel information via our Twitter account. We will have more details to share in the coming weeks and months, so check for updates often.

Be sure to check with the City of Vancouver and Clark County for updates on other area road projects. As you head out to enjoy our long summer days and cool nights, please watch for signs, flaggers and pilot cars to guide you through construction zones and drive carefully! While we can’t promise a congestion-free trip, we provide lots of information to help you make informed choices to plan ahead for your travel during construction.


CurtisA said...

Is there a reason the 117th/503 bike/walking path between Main St and Onsdorff Blvd is being put in but the extra travel lanes than are really needed are not?

WSDOT said...

The bike/pedestrian path installation at NE 117th/SR 503 between Main Street and Onsdorff Blvd. was a City of Battle Ground project, initiated and funded as a connectivity and safety solution to accommodate the increase in demand for pedestrian and bicyclists as the area continues to grow and become more urban. WSDOT and the City of Battle Ground have future projects planned along SR 503 that are intended to address traffic lanes near Battle Ground. Additionally, you will see more ped/bike projects coming from WSDOT in coming years throughout the state, as this year the Washington State Legislature passed Senate Bill 5974 (PDF 738KB) which directs WSDOT to plan, design, build, operate and maintain the transportation system that enables safe and convenient access to destinations for all people, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders.

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