Monday, September 20, 2021

New toll bills and statements start arriving in mailboxes

By Chris Foster

The next generation of Good To Go! officially launched this summer. The new system offers tools and features our customers have been requesting throughout the years (you can read about some of these features on our previous blog post).

Your toll bill is coming soon
You may recall before we launched the new Good To Go! system that we anticipated it would take a while for us to send the first toll bills and statements. We knew we'd need a little extra time to perform our due diligence to ensure they are accurate. This week, people with a Good To Go! account who have a balance due on their account, are starting to receive bills in the mail.

In the coming weeks, we will begin sending toll bills to customers who Pay By Mail without a Good To Go! account. This means if you traveled this summer, you may get a bill in the next couple of months that could include  trips from June, which is when we stopped sending bills prior to transitioning to our new Good To Go! system. It also means if you traveled frequently this summer and didn't have a Good To Go! account, you could receive a larger bill with many trips on it.

If you Pay By Mail, it's important to remember that it's not too late to lower a bill once you receive it in the mail. It's easy with our new system to save $1.75 on every Pay By Mail trip when paying your bill online if you choose to open a Good To Go! account. With the first round of bills being sent, we're also providing extra time for customers to pay their bill before late fees are assessed.

Finally, if you're waiting to receive a bill from us, remember, when you Pay By Mail, you don't owe anything until you receive a bill in the mail.

You may notice our bills have a new look. So what has changed?

What's new: If you have a Good To Go! account
A big change with the new system is if your Good To Go! account balance becomes negative for any reason, you'll still be able to manage all toll trips through your account.

If you have an account and you receive a statement with a balance due, the alerts section will inform you of any potential issues with your account; this could be anything from an expired credit card to an account without autopay turned on that reached a low balance.

With this information you can log in to your account and quickly fix whatever issue caused your tolls to remain unpaid.

After a period of time, if you don't add money to your account, we'll mail a statement to the account holder with the trips at the higher Pay By Mail rate ($2 extra per trip on top of the Good To Go! pass rate).

Balance breakdown
One of our priorities for the new look toll bills and statements was to ensure it is clear to customers about what is included in a balance.

The balance breakdown will show your total balance and due date, along with a categorized view of the charges included in the balance. The first line item will show your previous balance. This is a big change for our new system, as toll bills will now include any unpaid tolls from a previous bill. You'll also see line items for:

  • Any payments you have made during the billing period
  • New toll charges that occurred within the billing period
  • Other charges (this will typically be for account holders only and represents things like pass purchases)
  • Fees and civil penalties

What to know if you signed up for Pay As You Go
If you signed up for Pay As You Go, our new payment option that eliminates the need to prepay $30 in tolls, you might notice your statement shows an amount due. With Pay As You Go, any toll trips you take are posted to your account in real time. However, your account is only charged twice a month. So, if you travel on a toll road sometime in between these two payment dates, the trip will remain unpaid until the next payment date.

In other words, if your Pay As You Go account is set to to make payments on the 9th and the 25th, any toll trips you take after the 9th will show as unpaid on your statement (and your account dashboard) until the 25th, at which point your payment method would be charged and the toll would be paid. You can look up your account payment dates, also known as replenishment dates, by logging in to your account at

What's new: If you're a Pay By Mail customer
If you're used to getting toll bills from us in the mail, you'll notice they look different. The first change you'll notice is the information callout box in the upper right corner of the document. Here you'll find the two pieces of information you'll need to pay or dispute a toll: the statement number and the license plate number.

Below that information, you'll see your Customer ID (which you can use for reference when contacting customer service), the billing period for the tolls, the amount due and the due date. With this information, you can easily pay or dispute tolls online at

Further down the page, you'll see a message explaining that a vehicle registered in your name has incurred unpaid tolls. You'll also see how much money you could save by opening a Good To Go! account.

Questions about your bill
Before you pick up the phone to call customer service, be prepared for long wait times. The best times to call are typically in the afternoons, particularly Saturday afternoons.

As the first bills arrive, we expect there will be an uptick in customers calling Good To Go! which could lead to longer wait times. Skip waiting by using the automated phone option to pay a toll bill, on our new and improved website with more self-service features.

We appreciate customers' patience as it will take time to settle into normal operations over the next several months.