Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The next generation of Good To Go!

Update: July 12, 2021
Good To Go! is back online and customers can now check out the new features.

Update: June 14, 2021
Good To Go! customers now have more time to prepare as we will be delaying the transition to our new system by two weeks.

The call center and website will now be available to customers until Friday, July 2, and passes can be purchased until Monday, June 28.
By Chris Foster

As part of our work to improve Good To Go! for our customers, we will soon transition to a new Good To Go! system and new call center. Before we can do that, we need to take our current Good To Go! system offline for about two weeks. 

The Good To Go! website, phone line, and customer service center will be closed for about two weeks beginning Friday, June 18 while we transition to a more modern, user-friendly system. We are still completing final testing of the system, so if there are significant issues we encounter before June 18, there's a chance that date may change.

During the two-week closure, you'll be unable to access your account, pay tolls, or reach customer service. Check our website to learn how you can prepare for the two-week closure.
For about two weeks starting in mid-June, our Good to Go! website, phone line and customer service center will be closed while we switch to a new system.

We've been hard at work making our system better

Our current system is more than 10 years old and hasn't kept pace with technological advancements or customer needs so we're excited to introduce new features as part of the update. Many of the new features are the result of feedback we've heard from customers throughout the years. The new system makes it easier to save money on tolls and has more tools to help yourself online without having to call customer service.

Changes Good To Go! customers will notice
  • New Pay As You Go option – In our new system, you can open a Good To Go! account without pre-paying $30 in tolls. This will give another way for people to save money with a Good To Go! account. With Pay As You Go, tolls are charged to your credit card twice a month. 
    • How is this different from our current system?
      Our current system requires customers to pre-pay $30 in tolls to pay a lower toll rate. Many customers prefer not to pre-pay their tolls, especially those who only use express toll lanes toll-free as a carpooler.

  • Toll bills tied to Good To Go! accounts – If your Good To Go! account balance becomes negative for any reason, you'll still be able to manage all toll trips through your account. 
    • How is this different from our current system? Currently if your balance is negative and you drive on a toll road, the system is unable to apply the toll to your account. Instead, the customer receives a toll bill in the mail that they must resolve separately.
  • More self-service options – New tools will give you greater control over your account, including the ability to reset your password, dispute tolls online through your Good To Go! account, and more. 
    • How is this different from our current system?
      In the current system, to reset your password, change payment methods or dispute tolls from your account, you must contact customer service. 
Changes Pay By Mail customers will notice
  • Easier for Pay By Mail customers to save money by opening an account – If you Pay By Mail you'll be able to open an account as you pay your bill online and save money.
    • How is this different from our current system?
      Today, customers who Pay By Mail, which is $2 more per trip than the Good To Go! rate, must call customer service if they want to lower their bill by opening a Good To Go! account.

  • Toll bills will include all outstanding unpaid tolls, even those from prior billing cycles – Your bill will show you all unpaid tolls tied to your vehicle from the past 30 days, 60 days and longer. It will also reflect any civil penalties which have been issued.
    • How is this different from our current system?
      In the current system, customers only see unpaid tolls from their last bill and civil penalties are billed separately. This can cause confusion about the total amount due for some customers.
What else is new?
  • Customer call back option – Instead of waiting on hold to speak to a representative, you can request a call back.

  • Track the status of your inquiry – If you need to contact customer service, you can open a case, submit a message, and upload files. You'll then receive a link to track the status of your case.

  • Text notifications – You'll have the option to receive important account alerts directly to your phone via SMS messaging. So if your credit card has expired or a payment failed, you'll know right away.
We're excited to offer you these new features – but it may be challenging in the short term.

Large-scale software projects are complex and challenging. We know issues will arise once we reopen and we ask for patience as we work through them. 

When Good To Go! reopens, we expect very long wait times at our customer call center. These long wait times could last for months as we settle into a new normal, so make sure you're prepared ahead of time. 

We've been working on this new system for several years, and we know many of you have been awaiting its launch. While we hoped to launch the system sooner, our priorities are the safety and security of your information, as well as your experience with our system in the long run. 

We're taking the extra steps to make sure that our handling of customer information throughout the process follows the strict guidelines of the industry's security protocols. We are also ensuring that the system offers a better user-experience.

These steps take time. We know that in the end, we'll be able to offer a new system and an improved user-experience for our nearly two million customers.


If you have questions about the new system, or the upcoming two-week closure of Good To Go!, please reach out to us by calling 1-866-936-8246, or sending an email to


Brad said...

Will the new system allow registering rental cars in the pay-by-plate system, ideally with the option of making it retroactive by a few days? (In the alternative, does WSDOT have the authority and intention to limit the outrageous fees rental car companies charge their captive audience?)

WSDOT said...

Brad, if the rental company has the vehicle on their Good To Go! account the tolls are charged to the company and we have no control over any additional fees the rental company may impose.
But if the vehicle is not on a Good To Go! account, drivers will be able to set up a temporary account using the license plate number and pay tolls directly.

Nicholas Barnard said...

One thing y'all need to make clearer is that while the online system and customer service won't be available for two weeks, tolls are still charged and will post to the account after the two week period.

It is mentioned subtly in the Good To Go! system Update page, but it should be much more prominent and clear that this iw what is happening!

Whattt said...

How that can happen, 2 weeks outage and the most important features are password change and customer call improvements. Millions on tolls and thats all you came up with. Password change...

Nicholas Barnard said...

Whattt, tolls primarily to pay for maintenance and bonds that were used to build the tolled roads.

That being said, I'd recommend you read the blog entry again, there are significantly more features being added than password change and customer call improvements.

Unknown said...

So, this is the real reason our tolls are going up. Get real. you will never get rid of the tolls because we pay your workers. If there were no tolls we would not have to pay workers. I am sure the bridge has been paid for by now.

MaryAnn Ready said...

New car need new transponder. How do I obtain a new transponder please?

WSDOT said...

Hello MaryAnn,
You can order a new transponder through your Good To Go! account under the Good To Go! passes tab, or by calling customer service at 1-866-936-8246 before June 14.

You can also buy one through a participating QFC or Fred Meyer store. But if you do purchase one at a store, please remember that you will need to add it to your account and activate it before the system goes offline on June 18.

Unknown said...

Will I be able to get the prepaid $ that I had to pay initially to get my good to go pass started back?

Unknown said...

The pay by credit card will be great for us infrequent users. Currently we send a $20 check to Good To Go! every 6-8 months to cover our upcoming tolls. Thanks, no more need to track or remember to send the check!

I'm assuming we will be able to log on to the new system when it is active and enter our CC #?

Sinner said...

While at it, when looking online at account statements (!accountHistoryView), why list them per month, when you provide them by quarter?

Regardless if I download statement for January, February, or March, the statement covers entire Q1. Been like this from day one (I download and save the quarterly statements)

Now quarterly statements are perfectly adequate, but the listing is a bit confusing. Especially for us that really only log on here once in a while to access statements.

Unknown said...

Why don't you enable the Good-To-Go for the WA ST Ferries? That payment system is similar to the old highway toll both system.

WSDOT said...

When you choose to switch to a Pay As You Go account, the system will first use your existing prepaid balance to pay tolls. When that balance becomes zero, the system will start charging tolls to your card twice a month instead.
But if you have funds in your account that you will not use, you will be able to work with customer service to request a refund once the new system is live.

Unknown said...

Thanks for listening to the people! Great updates!! Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

will Good-to-go now obey federal law and be interoperable w/ other toll pass systems nationally?

Tim said...

Why can't the trusses on the 90 floating bridge be repainted white? It would improve the appearance of the bridge and the city.

Unknown said...

Will I be able to separate toll charges when I'm work driving my car to clients vs personal driving tolls that should go on my home credit card?

Jay Mahendru said...

Can you please get the toll lanes added to popular mapping services like Google Maps?

WSDOT said...

Thank you for your suggestion. The option to use your Good to Go! account to pay for ferry tolls is definitely something that WSDOT is researching.
However, we have a ways to go before we can offer this option to ferry riders, as this will require changes to both the Ferries and Good To Go! programs. Right now, there are several factors that determine your fare to use the ferry such as the length of your vehicle, the number of occupants, their ages, and other nuanced details which the Good To Go! tolling equipment is not currently programmed to assess. But we have included some future work in our new Back Office System contract to continue working toward this goal.

WSDOT said...

At this time you will still be unable to keep personal vs. professional trips separated on the same account. But the new system will make it easier to view all your trips at once, and allow you to keep track of that information in whatever way works best for you.

Need Clairity said...

I thought this payment was suppose to pay for the bridge, so now your price goes up & you are still taking our money when the bridge has been paid for! So, why are we still paying you, and for what are we still paying you? You seem to skip answering this question that others have stated, so how about that answer!

Donn said...

Thank goodness, you have only been promising pay as you go since before you originally opened the tunnel

DaveMac said...

I just held for one hour to get assistance for vehicles that claim to be on another account before my call dropped. Great service!

Unknown said...

Put in an automatic callback at 830am. Said 53 minutes. 2 hours passed, no call. Decided to call and sit on hold while waiting for that call back. Been on hold for 2.5 hours while still not receiving that original call back... so make that a 5 hour hold time... cool.

Nick Chhabra said...

Have called multiple times on multiple days and times and opted for a callback option luck, no call from WSDOT.

The option to submit an online question is restricted to general feedback but not for specific account related queries.

I guess I have to opt for old fashion snail mail before I get charged penalty for not paying the fee that I don't own :(

sathom said...

Why is there not a way for the WSDOT app to access my Good To Go account? I can never remember how much my pre-paid balance is, and as an occasional toll lane user, it would be extremely helpful to be able to quickly check my balance (say, with a pin that only displays the balance and nothing else) before I head out for the day. Also, while I have notifications set up, there is no notification for low balance. If you're not going to make it quick and easy to check my balance, you could at least send out a low-balance notification so I know when to put in more funds.

WSDOT said...

sathom, thanks for your feedback about the app. While we don’t currently have plans to integrate Good To Go! account management into an app, we appreciate your feedback. Also, we do send out a low-balance notification. To check your notification preferences, log in to your account at and click “Notification Preferences” in the left hand menu.

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