Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Online open house explains SR 164 90-day closure at Pussyfoot Creek east of Auburn

By Tom Pearce

This summer will mean detours for people who travel SR 164 between Auburn and Enumclaw as we replace a culvert that blocks fish passage in Pussyfoot Creek under the highway. To accomplish this work, we're going to close SR 164 for 90 days starting in July. During the closure, we will build a bridge over the creek and ravine to open up 9.3 miles of additional habitat for migratory and native fish.

This section of SR 164 is on Muckleshoot Indian tribal land, so we've worked closely with the tribe over the years to plan for this work and the necessary detours. Right now, we have an online open house available where you can learn more about the project and ask questions. Please have a look. We'd like to hear from you.

Partnering for success
Whenever we do a project one of our goals is to be sensitive to tribal and local concerns. While the highway closure is in July, we're going to start work on this project in early June. Our June work will involve clearing a section of the ravine where crews will work to prepare for the bridge-building. This work takes place off of SR 164 and should not cause traffic delays.
Pussyfoot Creek is at the bottom of a ravine under SR 164.

Throughout this project, we will have a Muckleshoot representative on hand in case our contractor crews from Rodarte Inc. come across sensitive areas. It is important to us to be sure the tribe approves of the way we treat their land.

Live Nation, which operates the White River Amphitheater, is another key stakeholder. The amphitheater is about a half-mile from the work zone. Because of COVID-19, we don't yet know what events or crowds will look like this summer; but we are working with Live Nation and have committed to provide access to the site for any events that are scheduled. We also won't do noisy work that could interfere with their events.
Trucks will use SR 169 and Southeast 400th Street to bypass the work zone.

Then of course there is the everyday traffic. We established separate detours for big trucks and passenger vehicles. A lot of roads in this area are very narrow with no shoulder. These roads have enough room for cars, vans and motorcycles, but a couple of 18-wheelers crossing paths on them could be a serious test of driver skills.

It's always a challenge to close a main highway for an extended period. We understand detours can be an inconvenience. We appreciate your patience as we undertake this important work that will expand habitat for coho salmon, steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout. More habitat will hopefully lead to more fish for commercial and sport fishers. It also can improve the broader ecosystem. This may sound like it is just more road construction, but it will help improve local waterways and the Salish Sea. We hope you will agree, that is worth a little inconvenience.


Unknown said...

I am the owner of Olson's meats and smokehouse.i am very concerned about my business being neglected by the WSDOT traffic revision at 224th.why don't you change it to 196th so my out of town customers can reach my location? I am the only business that was eliminated because of this traffic plan. I have had to lay off 2 of my week end employees already and the wild game and domestic custom processing is just now beginning for 2021 please revise your traffic plan to include our future for the critical season ahead.please reply ASAP. CONCERNED , GREGORY H OLSONGREGORY04@GMAIL.COM

Unknown said...

WADOT workers (be "smart"), don't sit in your truck and watch the intersection, errect "Trucks Entering Highway" signs on 164 west of 380th. The current dumpsite is very close to the project, and the ideal way to access it is through Coopers Corner (380th). It keeps trucks out of neighborhoods. The sooner the dirt is excavated the sooner the trucks will go away.

Currently there are no signs on 164 saying trucks entering highway (slow down). Other state projects on other hightways have signs. Currently a truck leaving 380th going east on 164 can accelerate to 35MPH before leaving the "dead lane". Cars going 50 or more east bound on 164 needs signs telling trucks are entering highway (like in other porjects). Thank you

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