Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Partnering to help keep freight moving

By Andrea E. Petrich

When I was a little kid my favorite thing about road trips was when I'd try to get a semi driver to honk by doing the crazy up-and down-arm pull movement. At the time all I cared about was whether they'd honk or not and had no idea that those drivers were the ones working long hours to help get the things my family needed from farm/factory to the store.

As an adult – and as someone who works to help keep travelers moving – I have a huge appreciation for the work truck drivers do to make my life easier. So this year we are working with Washington State Patrol to help make those trucker's travels a bit easier as they move the things we need to the places where we need them.
Crews from Granite Construction will work to fix pavement, barriers and improve truck movement with updated striping at the Washington State Patrol weigh station that sits along southbound I-5 near Bow Hill in Skagit County.

I-5 Southbound Bow Hill Weigh Station
First up, our contractor crew from Granite Construction will start work to rehabilitate the southbound I-5 Bow Hill Weigh Station just north of Burlington. We will close this weigh station for about 10 days during this work and most of you won't even know it is happening. During this closure trucks will just remain on southbound I-5 while crews repave, adjust and add barrier and restripe to improve flow and make the best use of space in this area.

We hope to begin work on this project in March if the weather cooperates. During construction, the officers typically assigned to this scale will be working the road in patrol cars, continuing their commitment to making Washington roadways the safest in the nation.
During project design, crews did survey work along SR 9 near the area where crews from Northeast Electric will install
the new virtual weigh in motion station for Washington State Patrol to monitor truck traffic.

SR 9 Virtual Weigh in Motion
Later this year – potentially by the summer – our contractor from Northeast Electric will put in sensors and other electronics to create a virtual weigh in motion station on SR 9 in Acme in Whatcom County. This VWIM station will allow WSP to monitor truck weights as well as about 50 other regulatory and safety items from anywhere and local troopers can then pull over trucks whose load weight might be over the limit. Being able to leverage technology to assist with the limited resources available to find potential hazards is another step in helping keep our highways safe. You can subscribe to Whatcom County weekly highway emails www.bit.ly/WhatcomCoEmail for updates.

Thank you, truckers
When you're on the road this year and you see all those semi drivers, give them a wave. They're continuously working to get what we need where we want it.