Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Keeping rest areas clean for freight haulers during COVID-19

By Meagan Lott

When you think of a rest area, it is probably something you consider as just a nice place to take a break and maybe stretch your legs before heading home. However, during a national pandemic it becomes one of the only places to take a break. Especially for those freight haulers carrying critical medical equipment, medications, food and supplies in response to COVID-19.
All of our rest areas remain open to help support freight traffic but we are increasing
cleaning efforts to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

This is why we are keeping all 45 of our year-round rest areas open. In order to limit the spread of the virus we are stepping up our efforts to clean and disinfect all touch point areas every two hours at our most-trafficked rest areas along I-5, I-90 and I-82. This includes things like sinks and faucets, door handles and hand dryers. All other rest areas will be cleaned twice a day and cleaning will take place daily between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Areas that receive a lot of contact such as door handles are being disinfected
every two hours at our most-traveled rest areas.

This is not the time for recreational travel. Please listen to Governor Inslee’s direction to stay home and practice social distancing. This will ensure the health of our employees who are on the frontlines to ensure our rest areas are clean and safe for the thousands of freight haulers delivering goods and services to our communities every day. We have also temporarily suspending our Free Coffee Volunteer Program until further notice as a continuation of efforts to slow the spread of the virus.
Rest areas are vitally important to freight traffic and we are working to keep them
as clean as possible during the COVID-19 emergency.

The freight community is always vitally important, and perhaps even more so during a national emergency. This is a very challenging time for all of us, but we need to continue to do our part to keep everyone safe and do all we can to help keep goods moving and those that haul them as safe as possible.


Unknown said...

THANK YOU WSDOT! This is so important for our heroes the truckers! I/we appreciate you doing this and all that you do.

Gadgetman said...

Awesome job and thankful to many truck drivers. Been there and I know they appreciate it. 2 thumbs up!

Mary C said...

8/20/2020 12:30pm. Smokey Point, South bound I-5: both Men’s and women’s toilets are foul as are sinks with trash cans overflowing and sinks on both sides clogged. Please get someone out there ASAP!!!

Unknown said...

Used scatter creek rest area today clean but mens room was no labeled very confusing????

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