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Snohomish County highways ready to ring in 2020

What we accomplished in 2019

By Frances Fedoriska

With less than two weeks left before 2020, most of our Snohomish County construction work for the year is complete. We want to end the year with a big “Thank you!” to travelers who took the time to stay engaged, planned ahead during closures and made adjustments to help us make safety improvements and complete preservation work. These projects reduce the risk of costly emergency repairs that add time to already long commutes.

Here’s a look at a few of the accomplishments on state highways in Snohomish County that happened in 2019.

US 2/I-5 to Bickford
  • We rehabilitated the westbound Hewitt Avenue trestle with fewer weekend closures than the contract required (5 instead of 6). Over the project’s two season’s, weather postponed weekend work more than a dozen times.
  • Repaired aging expansion joints
  • Fun fact: The 2½-mile westbound trestle required roughly 5,500 tons of new asphalt and enough waterproof membrane to cover almost 7½ football fields.

The final weekend closure of the westbound US 2 trestle between Lake Stevens and Everett ended Monday, Aug. 6.

US 2/Bickford to Gold Bar
  • Repaved both directions of US 2 between Bickford Avenue near Snohomish and the east end of Monroe
  • Installed rumble strips between eastbound and westbound traffic to alert drivers when they drift from their lane
  • Built 6-foot medians between Bickford Avenue and the Pilchuck River bridge. In 2020, contractors will install median barriers to further separate the eastbound and westbound lanes.
  • Also in 2020, we’ll have a weekend of lane reductions to complete Pilchuck River bridge rehab and will pave US 2 between 88th Street near Snohomish and the west side of Monroe.
New 6-foot-wide medians were added to separate eastbound and westbound lanes on US 2
from Bickford Avenue to the Pilchuck River bridge.

SR 9/108th Street Northeast – Intersection Improvements
  • Ground down a hill on the west side of the intersection during a weekend closure to improve site distance
  • Relocated utilities ahead of the installation of a new roundabout coming in 2020

Looking west at the new eastbound entrance at SR 9 and 108th Street.

BST – US 2 Resurfacing
  • Resurfacing project, spanning 35 miles on four highways in Snohomish, King and Whatcom counties
  • Work included two segments of US 2 near Index and Skykomish

SR 525/526 – Boeing Access Road
  • Repaved these sections of two highways near Paine Field
  • Repurposed a westbound downhill lane on 84th Street/SR 526 to add bike lanes in each direction in support of Mukilteo’s “By the Way” plan (pdf 14 mb)
  • Coming in 2020: Contractor crews will complete asphalt repairs close to the Boeing Future of Flight Museum.

SR 9/SR 204 – Intersection Improvements
  • Constructed an additional southbound lane between Marketplace and SE 4th Street
  • Completed the first of a three-phase project that will culminate in the installation of intersection improvements at SR 9 & SR 204 at Frontier Village

Phase Two of the SR 9/SR 204 intersection improvements will add a northbound lane ahead of the intersection reconfiguration, currently scheduled to begin construction in 2022.

We’re not done!

Starting in spring 2020, we will spend more than $2 million rehabilitating 19 bridge decks between Index and Skykomish. The asphalt on many of these bridges have exceeded their lifespan of 15 years. Further west on US 2, a $3.1 million safety improvement project will add physical barriers between the eastbound and westbound lanes between Bickford Avenue and the SR 9 interchange.

We will continue to deliver projects that keep Washingtonians moving, and hope you remain resolved to staying informed, engaged and committed to sharing important project information with friends, family and co-workers when it comes to critical work happening our highways.


RD Pierce said...

How can you say this, when your boss has ignored the will of the people, and froze all work. This is a travesty for you to post!

Ian said...

I really appreciate the widening of US 2 between Everett and Snohomish. Driving at night in the rain is much less unpleasant with the separation between the lanes.

WSDOT said...

RD Pierce, it’s important to clarify that all of this work talked about in this blog has already been completed. After 976 passed, Gov. Inslee’s direction to WSDOT was to postpone projects not yet underway. Projects that added capacity like highway expansion were paused because the work was going out to advertisement within the next six months for contractor bids. Projects were not selected by what county they were in or how they were funded – gas tax or otherwise. Many mobility projects remain under construction and the projects that are paused are just that – a pause to allow the governor and Legislature to make longer-term choices about how to implement 976 and amend our current transportation budget during the legislative session. The passage of I-976 did not make changes to the 2019-21 transportation budget. Instead, it changed laws regarding certain taxes and fees which results in less revenue available to pay for that budget and others in the future. Our most recent 2019-21 budget was enacted by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor this past spring and covers the two year period that began July 2019 and runs through June 2021.

Unknown said...

When are you going to do something about the horrific traffic between Everett and Marysville? Also, when are you going to do something about the horrific traffic between Sultan and Monroe? Every single time I go skiing or over the pass and comeback, it takes like an hour to get through.

WSDOT said...

Unknown, we are scheduled to begin construction in 2021 on adding a fourth lane on northbound I-5 between Marine View Drive in Everett and SR 529 in Marysville. This fourth lane will be designated as HOV. WSDOT selected the HOV lane alternative after seeking guidance and feedback from area cities and agencies on managing the congestion that regularly occurs due to the explosive growth experienced in Snohomish County. Our studies found that a high percentage of HOV-eligible vehicles regularly travel through this area. The project, which is scheduled for completion in 2022, will also improve the SR 529 interchange in Marysville. You can learn more on our project website:

This summer, we met with community members and leaders who live and work along US 2 between Sultan and Monroe. While there are no current plans for increasing highway capacity, the state legislature recently allocated $17 million for safety improvements on the US 2 corridor between Everett and Stevens Pass. We are currently in the process of reviewing multiple highway improvement proposals to determine which ones present the best tangible, practical solutions for improving safety on US 2. Our goal remains to provide Washington travelers with a safe, sustainable and integrated multimodal system by implementing reliable and cost-effective transportation options.

Wick Wide Road said...

When are you going to widen SR522 between Paradise Lake Road and the River. Its a huge line of cars for 2 to 3 hours per day each way. Then when will Echo Lake Road be connected through using 212th, currently Echo Lake Road is a one way in and one way out. We need you guys to make some improvements out here!!!, Thanks for the help.

WSDOT said...
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WSDOT said...

Wick Wide Road,

In 2018, WSDOT identified a preliminary preferred alternative to improve the Paradise Lake Road intersection. Although we have received funding for design and right of way acquisition for the interchange and completing the widening, there is no timeline for actual construction because we don’t have funding from the Legislature yet for that portion of the work. You can read more about the widening plans on our project website:

These long term plans also call for completing the SR 522/Echo Lake Road interchange. However, Echo Lake Road is a Snohomish County road so any additional improvements near 212th would need to be completed by the county.

Wick Wide Road said...

Is there any update on the widening of SR 522 between Maltby and Monroe?, SR 522 is a jam packed line of cars (now that most are going to work again) everyday between 3pm and 6pm. Plus there have been many head-on collisions in this area. Come out and try driving this stretch of road, its terrifying with no barrier. I live here and won't drive on it with my kids in the car.

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