Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Getting ready for SR 99 tunnel tolling

By Chris Foster

If you haven't already heard, tolling in the SR 99 tunnel will start this fall – and now's the perfect time to get ready. We'll have an exact start date when viaduct demolition is closer to completion and as toll system testing progresses. And we'll also make sure you receive at least a month's advance notice before tolling starts.

We still have a limited number of free Good To Go! sticker passes available to people who use the SR 99 tunnel. This offer eliminates the $5 cost of the sticker pass. A Good To Go! pass is the only way to pay the lowest toll rates in the tunnel, ranging between $1 and $2.25.
SR 99 tunnel toll rate signs, like these, will be uncovered before tolling starts this fall.

If you already have a Good To Go! pass then you're all set. All Good To Go! passes will work in the SR 99 tunnel.

Getting a free sticker pass
  • The sticker pass is one of four Good To Go! passes. First, make sure the sticker pass is the best pass for you.
  • To get a free sticker pass, fill out a short survey. We will mail the pass within four weeks of your completing the survey, and then customers must activate it by adding it to a Good To Go! account.
  • One free sticker pass per person, while supplies last.
  • Additional sticker passes can be purchased for $5 online at or at retail locations.
Activating your pass
Before your pass will work to pay tolls in the SR 99 tunnel or other toll roads, you'll need to activate it by adding it to a Good To Go! account. Setting up a new account requires a $30 balance – which will only be used to cover tolls – and any additional passes you decide to purchase.

Why we are tolling
Although the tunnel opened toll-free, tolling is required under state law. We must start tolling this fall to start paying back $200 million in bonds sold to pay for construction of the SR 99 tunnel as required by state law. Also, tolling revenue will support maintenance and operation of the 2-mile-long tunnel.

New payment option available this winter
We are transitioning to a new Good To Go! billing system, one that will include several new features for our customers. This includes the option to open a new Good To Go! account without a pre-paid balance, called Pay As You Go. This option will allow tolls to be charged to your credit card after you travel.

Recently it became clear that our billing system vendor, ETAN, needs additional time to test the new system. We are dedicated to you having as seamless an experience as possible while we work with ETAN to transition to this new system and upgraded features. So the new Pay As You Go option, a feature ETAN is developing within the new system, will be available sometime after SR 99 tolling starts.

While we are disappointed that you won't have access to the new features just yet, everyone will be able to switch to the new Pay As You Go option when it is available sometime this winter.