Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Know a child who loves the earth and art? We've got a contest for them.

By Barbara LaBoe

No one likes litter along the roadway. We don't like seeing it marring our highways and we know the public doesn't either.

Our crews, along with our invaluable Adopt-a-Highway volunteers, clear about 600 tons of trash off of more than 18,000 miles of state roadways every year. Despite that effort, roadside litter remains an ongoing problem and concern. And the easiest way to tackle the problem is to prevent the trash from getting to the roadways in the first place.

That's where our state's young artists come in.

We're creating new Adopt-a-Highway automobile litter bags. The bags help physically contain trash, of course, but we also want to help spread our litter prevention message on the outside. And we need some new artwork reminding everyone how preventing litter helps keep our state beautiful.

That includes:
  • Securing all loads, even "quick trips" in town - it's the law and it can prevent injuries as well as roadside litter
  • Never throwing trash or other items in the back of pickups where they can fly out and land on the roadways
  • Keeping track of trash inside your vehicle so that it doesn't fall out when you exit the vehicle
  • Never tossing litter out of a vehicle or along a roadway
The hope is not only will the contest raise awareness in the next generation of citizens, but that they'll also share the message with the adults in their lives right now. The bags will also remind people of Adopt-a-Highway volunteer opportunities, with more details available online.
Our Adopt-A-Highway art contest is open to any students in grades 1-6.

So, know an elementary school student who could design the perfect art for our new litter bags? Maybe someone with a zeal for keeping our state and planet beautiful? Read the details below and then send us their best work.

OK, what are the details?
All students (except children of WSDOT employees and contractors) in grades 1-6 are eligible and invited to participate in this contest. Drawings should depict the theme of "Keeping Washington Beautiful/Reducing Roadside Litter."

Submissions will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 31. All mailed submissions must be postmarked by May 31.

Winning submissions will be featured on new Adopt-A-Highway automotive litter bags and will also be featured online, including on our Adopt-A-Highway website and our social media channels.

What are the submission requirements?
  • Dimensions:
    • Electronic: Submissions must be 300 dpi or higher, and portrait oriented.
    • By mail: Submissions must be on 8.5 x 11 paper, and portrait oriented.
  • Media: Submissions must be in black and white and hand-drawn (no electronic illustrations, please). Any of the following media may be used: paint (watercolor, tempera, poster, acrylic, etc.) and drawing materials (pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, markers, crayons, etc.). Artists are encouraged to use bold, strong lines in black and white only.
  • Original artwork: All work must include the theme of Keeping Washington Beautiful/Reducing Roadside Litter, (including how to prevent litter, why we should all keep the state clean, etc.).  No copyright images, text or other material will be accepted (for example, artwork depicting characters from television shows, video games or books is not allowed).
  • Ownership: Artist submissions shall be treated as being free of restrictions and limitations to their use. By submitting artwork, you give ownership to WSDOT and authorize us to post your entry on our website indefinitely, and grant us the right to use, print and publish your design.
Entries in our Adopt-A-Highway art contest should reflect the theme
"Keeping Washington Beautiful/Reducing Roadside Litter"
How to submit drawings
  • Electronic: Scan, attach, and email your drawing with the subject line "Adopt-a-Highway litter bag contest" to the body of the email include the student's name, age, school, and the best phone number and email to contact the winner. Also include parents' names and a note that they have approved the submission. Email deadline is 5 p.m. May 31.
  • By Mail: All submissions should include a note with the student's name, age, school, and the best phone number and email to contact the winner. Also include parents' names and a note that they have approved the submission.Must be postmarked May 31.All hard copy submissions should be sent to the following address:
WSDOT Maintenance and Operations Division
ATTN: Adopt-a-Highway litter bag contest
PO Box 47358
Olympia, WA  98504-7358

  • Please note: Each child may only submit one drawing.
Who will select the winning drawing?
A panel of judges from our Maintenance Division will review entries. Up to four winners will be selected. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, clarity of theme and artistic merit.

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