Friday, April 19, 2019

Walk, roll, connect: Active Transportation Plan update now underway

By Barb Chamberlain

When someone asks you to get involved in a planning process — especially a long-range statewide process — you might wonder why you should bother, since actual change is a long way down the road. Why should you care enough to take a 10-minute survey on the state Active Transportation Plan update by June 30, 2019?

A few reasons:
  • Because decisions about how and where people should be able to walk, use their wheelchair, or ride a bicycle comfortably and safely start with you telling us that matters to you.
  • Because nothing gets funded, designed, and built without being in some plan, somewhere. (This means you need to get involved in your local and regional plans, too — we start with those.)
  • Because our state plan shapes how we work with our partners in the towns and regions where you live and move around every day, and will help us agree on shared priorities.
This survey is for anyone who uses transportation — that means you. We ask about your transportation habits and what you value in a system that can work well for everyone – no matter where they live, how much money they make, or how age or disability might affect how they use transportation.
As a multimodal agency, it’s important for us to create safe transportation facilities for all users.

How do I get involved or get more information?

ATP E-news: This occasional email will tell you what’s happening next in the planning process and invite you to take future surveys. We encourage you to subscribe here.

WSDOT Walk and Roll Active Transportation e-news: Information 2-3 times a month on a wide range of topics related to active transportation in Washington state, including grants, training opportunities, and technical information in addition to news on the Active Transportation Plan. Be sure to subscribe for Walk and Roll here.

On social media: Use the #WSDOTactive tag to find news you can share.
We’re looking to improve our transportation system to provide safe travels for all modes of transportation.

On the web: Information and all language versions of the survey, including Spanish, Russian and others, will be linked on our Active Transportation Plan website. You will also find subscription links for ATP E-News and WSDOT Walk and Roll on the website.

Request materials or presentations: Let us know if you need some flyers to post or hand out, want to request a speaker if one can be made available, or will volunteer as a community ambassador to spread the word.

What IS active transportation, anyway?

If you’re still wondering what we mean by active transportation, it’s using an active means of travel such as walking, biking or skateboarding to get from one place to another. Almost everyone uses active transportation at some point in a trip, whether walking to a bus stop, bicycling to work or rolling home from a ferry terminal.

What’s the schedule?

The survey will go through June 30, 2019. The plan is scheduled for completion in December 2019. You’ll have a chance to review and comment on the draft plan; sign up for our e-news to receive announcements.


Unknown said...

We Really need transportation in the Oroville and okanogan county

Bruce said...

The most important WSDOT improvement on Highway 97 in Okanogan County would be a left turn lane on Highway 97 at the North end of O'Neil Road (just South of Mile Post 326). There have been many accidents there since there is a corner to the North of the intersection and a hill cresting to the South of the intersection. There have been School Bus accidents there, there has been a baby killed in an accident there, and our daughter has a Traumatic Brain Injury that will affect the rest of her life due to being rear ended by a semi when she was making a left turn onto O'Neil Road from Highway 97. Please! Please!! Please make a left turn lane there. It would be easy to do.

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