Friday, February 22, 2019

The I-405/SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector in Renton is open to traffic

By Victoria Miller

The ribbon has been cut and the paint has dried. The I-405/SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector flyover ramp in Renton is now open to traffic, connecting the HOT lanes on State Route 167 to the HOV lanes on Interstate 405.
Governor Jay Inslee leads a ribbon cutting ceremony for the I-405/SR 167 direct connector flyover ramp in Renton

How does the Direct Connector operate?
The Direct Connector flyover ramp is open to 2+ high occupancy vehicles from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. The ramp is open to all vehicles from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day. Vehicles more than 10,000 gross vehicle weight are prohibited from using the ramp at all times. The ramp is open to transit at all times. To learn more about how the new HOV ramp operates, please visit our ramp operations webpage.
On Tuesday, Feb. 19, we hosted a ribbon-cutting event with special guests, including Governor Jay Inslee, Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar, Mayor of Renton Denis Law, and former Representative Judy Clibborn. Crews finished striping the ramp on Wednesday, Feb. 20, and the ramp opened to traffic in time for the morning commute on Thursday, Feb. 21.

While the ramp is open, our crews will still have some work to finish up in the spring. To stay up to date on the latest construction closure information for the project, please visit the I-405 Construction Updates page and the King County Construction Updates page.


Jeff Lykken said...

The toll lanes were forced upon the public with deception propaganda and straight out lies. We were promised 2 additional general purpose lanes in each direction on I 405 from Renton to Bellevue not extortion toll lanes. Leaving I405 with only 2 general purpose lanes in each direction is Wrong and just pain stupid. We already have a huge diversion problem and if these toll lanes are forced through it will create a traffic catastrophe sending thousands of cars cutting through our neighborhoods avoiding the tolls. We need general purpose lanes NOT Toll lanes.
NO TOLL ON I405 from Renton to Bellevue!

P.Heller said...

To Jeff Lykken. I can see your concern, however it seems like they aren’t taking away any general purpose lanes at traffic at the least won’t be any worse than it was. So it won’t force people to take back roads around if they weren’t already. In addition, it is letting the people in the HOV lane stay there to get on 405, where previously they were having to merge into and clog up the general purpose lanes. Therefore, by doing this it will have the same effect as building another general purpose lane because the HOV folks won’t be using the general purpose lanes anymore, or even slowing traffic by having to merge. Plus it is another incentive to carpool which is great. Makes sense all around. Thanks for the hard work WSDOT.

Unknown said...

I-405/SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector Project opens to traffic..
and seems to have great potential to reduce traffic and commute times.

Unfortunately not part of GoodtoGo.. seems that VERY FEW, HOV cars are using the lane (as seen by the massive backups each day)

Why no add to Good-to-Go tolling section. I would still be free to HOV (2+ people) and return more revenue for the WSDOT.

Currently, this expensive project is NOT being utilized proper. Thanks for completing early!


AdamsGirl said...

Restricting this ramps usage to ONLY HOV travelers (2+) is a very inefficient use of the new ramp. It does not alleviate the back-ups at all, given the fact that many of the travelers I see on NB 167 are paying HOT lane users. As such, this new ramp does not prevent most from having to do the same thing as always...exit the far left, cross over the general purpose lanes, and cut in line for the regular on-ramp to NB405. I see very few new ramp users because of this and the back-ups continue. Why not allow the HOT lane users the ability to use the new ramp, requiring them to safely exit the HOV lane once on 405? That would make sense...

WSDOT said...

The I-405/SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector is just the first phase of the larger, I-405 Renton to Bellevue Widening and Express Toll Lanes Project that will add express toll lanes on I-405 between SR 167 in Renton and Northeast Sixth Street in Bellevue. Once the Renton to Bellevue project is complete, the Direct Connector will link the SR 167 HOT Lanes to the I-405 Express Toll Lanes, creating a 40-mile system of managed lanes and solo drivers will have the option to use the ramp. The Renton to Bellevue project is scheduled to open to traffic in 2024.

Unknown said...

Totally agree!!
Less HOT lane paying drivers in genaral lanes totally makes sence!!
We need traffic relief NOW!! Not in another year or too..

Unknown said...

Why not let solo hot lane drivers use the new hov connections now?

Then once on the old portion of the freeway they exit hov and enter the general purpose lane?

Unhappy driver said...

Just another failed project, all that work for two under utilized HOV lanes, that does nothing to address actual congestion and traffic.

Unhappy Taxpayer said...

Remember the goal is to force you out of your car use public transportation while living in high-rise apartments your entire life - fixing traffic congestion is a pipe dream at this point --- Why do you think Boeing moved it headquarters elsewhere and Amazon plans to move out of the once beautiful Emerald City.

An unhappy taxpayer

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