Friday, February 1, 2019

SR 99 Tunnel Grand Opening

By Barbara Laboe

The 24-hour countdown to the SR 99 Tunnel Grand Opening has begun! Whether you're heading out for the fun run, planning to bid adieu to the viaduct or just monitor from home, here are some ways to stay informed about all of the events Saturday and Sunday.

Still planning how to get to the event? Check out this helpful website. More event tips are available in our 5 things to know before you go blog and common questions about the event.

Stay informed
We'll be posting about the event throughout the day, as well as updates about traffic and any other developments. If you're on-site, it's a chance to stay informed; if you can't make the event you can follow along online. Here are accounts to follow:
Let's help everyone enjoy the event
We expect a strong turnout – about 100,000 people throughout the weekend -- so we ask that all visitors help everyone have a good experience by being patient while in line (staggered starts and entries help crowd flow and also meet safety and capacity requirements). Once at a particular event, please also be considerate of those behind you by making room for others once you've experienced each activity We want everyone to have a fun and memorable visit.