Thursday, August 23, 2018

Flagger struck by angry, impatient driver in Camas

By Mike Allende

It’s not just speed, nor inattention, that can put our road workers at risk. Sometimes it’s just plain impatience.

That’s what happened on Friday afternoon, Aug. 17, in Camas, and it ended up with a flagger in the hospital and the driver under arrest.

At about 1:40 p.m., a contractor crew was busy paving SR 500, working in one lane while alternating traffic through the other. The flagger had traffic stopped near the intersection of NE 35th Avenue and NE Everett Street waiting for the pilot car to lead traffic through from the other direction.
Crews were working on this paving project on SR 500 when a flagger was struck by an angry, impatient driver.

According to police, a pickup driver wanted to turn onto NE Everett Street and became angry when he couldn’t, arguing with the flagger. When the verbal confrontation got him nowhere, the driver then attempted to drive around the closure. He ended up striking the flagger with the front of his truck and then drove away.

Other road workers were able to stop the pickup driver a couple blocks away and called 911. The driver was arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run involving an injury and failing to obey a flagger.

The worker had to go to the hospital for treatment of back and leg injuries. We’re thankful it wasn’t even worse.
Traffic was alternating through one open lane on SR 500
when a driver struck a flagger doing traffic control.

This is another reminder that road workers are people just like your friends and neighbors. They’re doing their jobs, trying to keep traffic moving safely while getting work done. It is no easy task to work amongst traffic, especially knowing that some people will be distracted, some speeding and some impatient.

No one likes to be stuck in a work zone. We all have places we want to go, as quickly as we can. Flaggers and road crews understand that and are trained to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible while also improving the roadways for everyone. But, they need your help.

Please, when coming across a work zone, be patient, alert and focused. Give workers room when possible and follow their directions -- for your safety as well as theirs. Road crew workers, like the rest of us, simply want to do their job and go home safely at the end of the day. Please do your part to help that happen.


Seagal said...

Hope the flagger will be okay!

Unknown said...

Prayers for the worker's speedy recovery.

HuckleberryKim said...

They should post the names of the alleged suspect.

Beverly Ritch said...

Sending prayers for the flagger and praise for those who stopped the driver! After 15 years of flagging I just quit doing it myself and know all too well the dangers of the job.

Eddie Maths said...

I am myself a TCS/Flagger and have been lucky enough to come home safely and the end of a long day or night shift but, i have also had a few close calls in my 17 years of traffic control. From one flagger to another, I hope you have a speedy recovery my brother or sister. Eddie, local 252 proud!

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