Thursday, May 10, 2018

Westbound US 2 trestle closed June 2-3

The final two closures of westbound US 2, postponed due to colder weather in September 2018, are now scheduled for the following weekends:

  • 7 p.m. Friday, June 28 to 4 a.m. Monday, July 1
  • 7 p.m. Friday, July 12 to 4 a.m. Monday, July 15

In the event weather postpones the work, we have identified the following potential backup closure weekends.

  • 7 p.m. Friday, July 19 to 4 a.m. Monday, July 22
  • 7 p.m. Friday, August 2 to 4 a.m. Monday, August 5.
Get more details on why we must complete this project, and what we need from travelers.

By Frances Fedoriska

The westbound US 2 Hewitt Avenue trestle in Snohomish County will be closed the weekend of June 2-3 – assuming we get good weather – and to avoid extensive backups and delays, we need drivers to try something new. No, we don't mean whipping up a new dinner recipe or checking out a new museum exhibit. We mean trying a new route, a new carpool, a new start time, even make new weekend plans (if feasible) to avoid heading west during this closure.

Again, if your plans included the westbound US 2 trestle between 7 p.m. Friday, June 1 and 4 a.m. Monday, June 4, start working on an alternate plan.
The westbound US 2 trestle connecting Lake Stevens and Snohomish with Everett
will have six full weekend closures as part of a major repaving project.

But why?
We're repaving three miles of westbound US 2 from Bickford Ave. to I-5. This section hasn't been repaved since 2002 and will require six full weekend closures of the westbound trestle.

Weekend traffic by the numbers
On the average non-holiday weekend in the spring and summer, roughly 2,600 westbound drivers take US 2 between the SR 204 interchange and Everett every hour. The delays are usually minimal on these weekends because the two-lane highway can handle the traffic.

But that's a lot of traffic that will be using other routes during the closure on roads not designed for that many vehicles. There will be a detour using 20th Street SE, but at one lane, it doesn't have the capacity to efficiently move every traveler displaced during this US 2 closure.
During the weekend closure of westbound US 2, we will reverse 20th Street Southeast to be westbound only. It will carry drivers up the ramp to the far western end of the US 2 Hewitt Avenue trestle, just before the I-5 interchange.

We need help to keep traffic moving
If you need to travel westbound to Everett during that weekend, consider your options:
  • Carpool
  • Move discretionary travel to a non-construction weekend.
  • Travel westbound between Lake Stevens and Everett during non-peak hours (before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.).
  • Stay longer at your destination to avoid traveling during peak hours.
  • Research alternative routes before the 20th Street SE detour. Get creative!
Thanks in advance
We know that anytime we close roadways it presents a significant challenge to drivers and we appreciate your efforts during these weekend closures. Doing this extensive preservation work will reduce the need for future emergency repairs that add time to already long commutes in Snohomish County. We could also use your help in spreading the word. If you know someone who makes this trip, please let them know!

How to get more information
  • Our website will have closure and lane reduction updates.
  • Get weekly email updates on Snohomish County projects.
  • Our Twitter account will have info about traffic.
  • Download our mobile app for traffic maps and other news and updates.


Compdude said...

I'm so glad that this is finally getting repaved! It needed it BAD.

WSDOT said...

Thank you! Please help us get the word out and don’t hesitate to share this information with anyone you know who is planning to travel west on US 2 between Lake Stevens/Snohomish and Everett during this weekend’s closure (7 p.m. Friday, May 18 to 4 a.m. Monday, May 21).

Unknown said...

So this is a on again off again deal. As I commute to Everett in the early am. Last Thursday you had the west bound lanes closed. But your sign said 7-10th of may. I drove through Marysville only to see people getting on to i5 from hwy 2 . So I went hwy 2 Thursday and was late to work because it was closed. If your going to say it's closed that's fine but you need to stick to your plan. Or put signs up at soper Hill road stating road closed ahead.

Unknown said...

How many cars per hour during weekday? When are you adding more lanes with out the toll???? More houses being built this minute.

WSDOT said...

On average, 22,000 drivers use US 2 between Bickford Avenue and Everett daily. This construction project is a preservation project which will keep the Hewitt Avenue trestle in a state of good repair for years to come. The addition of more lanes would require a separate expansion/replacement project, as the current westbound structure has no room to add a lane.

The 2017 Legislative Transportation Budget required WSDOT to prepare a study detailing the anticipated cost to replace the westbound US 2 trestle between Lake Stevens and Everett. The Washington State Legislature is in charge of allocating funds for WSDOT projects. They will make any future calls on how to fund a future replacement of the westbound US 2 trestle.

Ghouta said...

Why are you wasting our tax dollars on patching potholes leading up to this? Are you really that determined to make sure it costs us as much as possible?

WSDOT said...

Routine maintenance allows us to keep state’s roadways in a state of good repair until the legislature approves the funding for more extensive projects such as this preservation and paving project on US 2 between I-5 and Bickford Avenue. No matter how well you take care of something, almost everything has a lifespan. Homeowners can repaint sections of their houses, but one day the whole thing has to be repaired and repainted. That’s where we stand with this westernmost 3-mile stretch of US 2.

Unknown said...

So is this a night closure or will it be closed the whole time?

Unknown said...

So I'm glad it is finally getting the attention it needs. That being said, it was stated that 2,600 people use this hourly. Hmmm... so in juat and 8 hr time frame, that's 20,800 people. Multiplied by 365 days is 7,952,000 times it's used in an 8hr span. At what was it $6 possibly proposed? That's a revenue of $44,552,000. Just for 8 hrs. Why are we being taxed again???

Googled said...

I'm ok with a little inconvenience as opposed to a tressle toll which is the stupidest thing ever, people will either move or find an alternate ridiculously out of the way route without a toll. Those of us living in Lake Stevens Monroe and Snohomish will not be able to afford driving every day being it's the only way to go for most of us. Please say this isn't going to happen???

WSDOT said...

Googled, the 2017 Legislative Transportation Budget required WSDOT to prepare a study that details the anticipated cost to replace the westbound US 2 trestle between Lake Stevens and Everett, and options for how that project could be funded. Following legislative direction, the WSDOT study will address a wide range of potential funding and finance approaches that could be utilized; tolling is just one of them. Other options such as Federal and state grants, Federal loans, state gas tax and fees, bonds and other local funding mechanisms are also being considered.

As directed, WSDOT is simply outlining the available options with supporting information, not making any decisions. The Washington State Legislature is in charge of allocating funds for WSDOT projects. With that being said, they will make the call on how to fund a future replacement of the westbound US 2 trestle, and whether or not tolls should continue to be studied and possibly utilized.

The decision to include tolls as part of a project’s funding sources rests entirely with the Legislature.

WSDOT said...

Dennis Minor,
This westbound weekend closure (May 18 – 21), and the five others needed for this US 2 preservation and paving project, are for the entire weekend, from 7 p.m. Friday to 4 a.m. Monday.
The other five dates, which are weather-dependent, are:
• June 1 – June 3
• June 22 – June 24
• June 29 – July 1
• July 13 – July 15
• July 20 – July 22

WSDOT said...

Unknown, this is a preservation project which will keep the westbound US 2 Hewitt Avenue trestle in a state of good repair as the region continues to experience a rise in population. Repairing aging asphalt is a cost-effective way to protect the roadway and increase its lifespan.

This project is funded with pre-existing funds, not a toll.

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