Friday, November 17, 2017

Help us design the official state airport kiosk

By Christina Crea

There’s something exciting about airports. Whether you’re about to fly to your destination or have just landed, a new adventure is about to begin. It’s also a great place to gather your thoughts and make plans for your next step, or flight…

However, in order to plan your next adventure, it helps if there’s easily-accessed information available at the airport.

Wait a minute, what does WSDOT have to do with aviation? Glad you asked! We actually have an aviation division that manages 16 of the 136 public-use airports in the state, including Bandera State Airport in the North Bend area, Ranger Creek State Airport near Enumclaw and Skykomish State Airport.

Just as with our roads and ferries, it’s important that we help the aviation community have as much information as possible. Having standardized kiosks in our public-use airports – that is, airports open to the general public without required prior approval from the airport owner or operator – that  have information about our state attractions, services and amenities has long been a goal of our aviation community.

We’ve listened – and now we’re excited to announce that our aviation division is partnering with the Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA) for a statewide airport kiosk design competition. That’s where you come in.

We need your help in getting the word out to talented people or groups who can create innovative kiosk designs. Show us your creativity and your concept could be greeting the tens of thousands of travelers who pass through 136 public-use airports each year.

The goal is to have an attractive outdoor kiosk to showcase information in as many public-use airports as possible. The information would include local attractions, landmarks, restaurants, lodging and other points of interest. There will also be information about services and amenities available at the airport.

This is a great opportunity for community, aviation or scout groups, school classes, college students or just a creative individual to show us their creativity and see their idea become the official Washington state airport kiosk!

Bandera State Airport near North Bend is one of 16 airports that our aviation division manages.

Contest Rules

Who is eligible?
All Washington state residents are eligible (proof of residency needed if you’re selected as one of the winners to create a prototype). Designs can be submitted as individuals or groups.
Examples of groups include, but aren’t limited to: Aviation groups (WPA/EAA/RAF/WASAR and similar local aviation groups); school groups; community groups; youth and scouting organizations; community service groups; airport employees.

What we’re looking for:
No, you don’t have to send us an actual kiosk. Instead, submit drawings, pictures and material lists on 8 ½” x 11” paper. Be as detailed as possible, including colors. All designs must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2017.

Submit your entries to:
WSDOT Aviation Division
7702 Terminal Street
Tumwater, WA 98501

Design elements to consider:
  • Kiosks will be stained or painted so show us what colors you have in mind.
  • It rains here, so design a way to keep informational materials out of the weather.
  • It should provide limited shelter from the weather for the viewer.
  • Incorporate a box to keep a sign-in notebook and other materials out of the weather.
  • Contain WSDOT logo and colors (email to get a copy of the logo and color palette).
Construction requirements:
  • Must be as easy as possible to fabricate.
  • Can be constructed with commonly available power and hand tools.
  • Materials must be commonly available from local hardware and lumber stores.
  • Materials must be weather resistant/proof.
  • Design should incorporate informational text panel ideas.
  • Minimum dimensions: 15-square-foot display area.
  • Cost of construction: Relatively low cost in the range of $1,000 - $2,000 is preferred.
How will we pick?
The top three designs as chosen by the general public in an online poll running from Jan. 2-14, 2018, will be funded to fabricate a kiosk prototype for display and voting. To stay updated and vote online visit

The three prototypes will be displayed and eligible for voting at the Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow in Puyallup Feb. 24-25, 2018. The winner will be announced at the end of February with construction beginning on the kiosks in May.

Remember, the deadline to submit your designs is Dec. 31. Be detailed, be creative and have fun. More information can be found at or send questions to