Monday, May 1, 2017

Extreme Makeover: Good To Go! Edition

By Ethan Bergerson

We are excited to introduce you to the brand new Not only does the site have a brand new look, we also listened to customer feedback and made many tasks easier to complete online. Best of all, we’ve made the new site mobile friendly so customers can access their accounts with ease, wherever they are!

Managing your account has never been easier
For existing customers, the new site is much more intuitive about how to do common tasks like adding vehicles or updating payment information. You won’t have to do as much clicking around, guessing which menu contains the item you want to update. We’ve streamlined the website so you can get your tasks finished faster.

Things have moved around
Change can be confusing. When you move or get a new job, it takes a while to figure out where everything is. You may get a similar feeling from the new site because features have moved around. We did not do this to puzzle you, we did it to make things simpler!

We changed things like making it easier to get to the most used features on the website. The new site also features more accessible statements, notifications, and transaction histories so customers can keep track of what they do on their accounts.
Signing up for an account is a breeze
A Good To Go! account can save you money on your toll bills and now it’s easier than ever to sign up online.

Setting up a new account on the old site could feel a little overwhelming; there were a lot of hoops to jump through and you didn’t immediately get access to your account online. We listened to feedback we got from customers and restructured the process so that it’s faster and easier.

Why wait any longer? If you don’t have an account yet, now is a great time to set one up and start saving money.

How do I...? We redesigned the site with our customers in mind and we think you’ll really like it, but we also know that it may take a little getting used to. Here are some guides to help navigate the new
No more negative balance error message
One of the most common complaints we got about the old website was about the frustrating error message that didn’t let you make a payment when your account balance was negative. We totally get why that was annoying but that feature was meant to notify customers of a confusing aspect of our system. When your account is negative, our system sends a Pay By Mail bill instead of linking it to your account, so you get a bill in the mail even if you reactivate your account by depositing money into it. Customer service can link those bills to your account.

We are working on fixing this aspect of our system but in the meantime, we wanted to make it easier to handle it online. If you do get a surprise bill in the mail, or just want to double check that everything’s alright, just shoot us an email or a Tweet and we can fix any problems so you can get on with your day.

Continuing to improve over time
We are so excited for you to check out the new site and we hope you like it. While many features of the site have been improved, updating the site is an ongoing process and there are still features that we plan to work on to improve customer service.

The site can’t answer all your questions, so all of our customer service representatives will be ready and happy to assist with anything that comes up. We expect our phones will get pretty busy this week, so remember you can always send us a private message on Twitter and Facebook for some quick help.