Saturday, April 8, 2017

SR 530 near Oso to remain closed until at least Monday morning

By Mike Allende

State Route 530 near Oso is expected to remain closed at least until Monday morning while crews from the Department of Natural Resources and WSDOT monitor a hillside where ground movement was detected earlier this week.

The slow moving slide was discovered on Monday, April 3. On Friday evening, April 7, DNR crews observed additional ground movement in the area, likely due to heavy rains, and asked WSDOT to close SR 530 as a precaution. The Oso Fire Department issued a voluntary evacuation for about a dozen homes near the slide area.

The slow-moving slide itself is on a private forest access road on the south side of SR 530, and approximately 1½ miles southwest of the 2014 SR 530 landslide.

SR 530 closure details:

  • SR 530 is closed between Oso Loop Road (milepost 34) and C-Post Road (milepost 38) as a safety precaution.
  • The detour is using SR 20 and I-5.

At a minimum, the highway will remain closed through Monday’s morning commute. This will allow geologists to monitor the hillside through the weekend and keep drivers safe. If they notice additional slide movement, the highway may remain closed longer.
Photo of a crack in hillside above SR 530
Geologists will observe possible land movements like this crack above SR 530 through the weekend.

Photo of a crack in hillside above SR 530
Earth movements such as these cracks in a road above SR 530 led to the decision
to close the highway as a precaution while crews monitor the situation.