Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pothole repair turns scary for Morton crew

By Mike Allende

It’s a sad irony that we’re spending this month recognizing the importance of work zone safety when we had a close call this past week that could have turned deadly.

Several members of our maintenance crew were alternating traffic on SR 7 near Morton to patch potholes when a fully-loaded log truck blew through the temporary stop signal and crashed into one of our vehicles in the work zone. The pickup truck that was struck was displaying one of our reader boards about the lane closure, and was parked as an additional barrier between traffic and the workers.
Fortunately, our crew members escaped this crash in an SR 7 work zone without any serious injuries.
One of our crew members went to the hospital for further evaluation, and we’re grateful the injuries weren’t serious. The Washington State Patrol is investigating the incident and will determine what citations the driver may face.

This is why it’s so important that we continue to push the message about work zone safety. We see far too many of these situations throughout the year. While we do what we can to create as safe a work zone as possible, we need help from the traveling public to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day.
This fully-loaded log truck went through our temporary stop signal and crashed
into one of our vehicles in an SR 7 work zone near Morton.
So please, we continue to ask you to always pay attention on the highway, adhere to road signs warning of lane closures, slow down and give road workers room to get their job done.


Carol Hudson said...

We wondered if anyone was badly hurt and could not figure out how the log truck ran over the pickup on the right side like that!! We came up just as the ambulance was leaving. Thank God it was not worse.

Unknown said...

These lane closure warnings need to be placed farther away from the crew so us truckers have a chance to get slowed down. Loaded trucks take a lot longer to get slowed down. And if the the warning sign were farther away and driver has any equipment failures then they have time to get the truck safely stopped. I myself am a heavy hauler and have a couple close calls due to not having enough early warning!!

Granny Gail said...

Must have missed the warning signs. Don't wait until you see the road crew, slow down when you see road work sign.

Unknown said...

This work site had 5 signs which is 1 more than the regulations require, and started back almost 8 tenths of a mile, then there was a straight line off site 5 tenths of a mile. This dim wit drove around a automated flagger and cones then back into the lane of work to hit this vehicle, which was occupied,(THANK GOD HE WASN'T HURT SERIOUSLY) so Mrs Gump you and your trucker friends need to wake up and pay attention instead of thinking your a refrigerator, because when you shut your door your lights go out!!! What ever happened to GIVE-UM-A-BREAK? I know that the majority of truck drivers are great drivers and pay attention but there are alot of them that will not slow down for anything and think construction areas are just in the way of their pay checks but the fact is they out there making the roads safer and for all travelers of the road. So how about we all just slow down pay attenion to construction zones so they can go home at the end of the day in their own vehicles and not a ambulance or a corners van. I know I couldn't live with that guilt, how about anyone else?

Charles L. said...

The way the pickup looks he didn't even slow down, I am a retired truck driver who has put at least 500,000 miles on Hwy 12 and 2.5 million miles with only one inccident wear trailer brakes failed I was empty it was snowing road icey rather than hit stopped car I put truck in ditch this driver should have his license suspended until urine test comes back and investigation is completed their is no excuse for this accident.

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