Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Good To Go! website improvements coming soon

By Laura Johnson

On Saturday, April 29, we’ll launch a new version of the website. Not only will the site look completely different, we’ll also be launching a host of improvements to make Good To Go! work better for you.

Say goodbye to this old school Good To Go! look:
The original Good To Go! website was launched in February 2011. We all know how much technology can change in six years – back then VCRs were still being made and sold. We’ve come a long way and the time has come for us to unveil a new website up to date with today’s standards.

We’ll have a new look for computer and phone browsers:

The biggest improvement is a mobile-friendly version of the site that you can easily access on your cell phone or tablet. Other improvements will allow you to perform tasks online that you had to call customer service for before:
  • For Pay By Mail customers, we’re providing a clearer summary of what you owe and when it is due.
  • Managing your account will be much simpler, with fewer steps needed to update contact information or preferences.
  • We’ve removed barriers that prevented users from completing certain tasks online, such as making a payment when you have a negative balance.
We’re looking forward to unveiling this new site to you, but we’re still testing it to make sure everything works the way it should.

We’ve been listening to the feedback you’ve provided over the years about our website and unfortunately, we weren’t able to address everything in this round of improvements. There are still things you won’t be able to do online, but all of our customer service representatives will be ready and happy to assist with anything that comes up. We expect our phones will get pretty busy next week, so remember you can always send us a private message on Twitter and Facebook for some quick help.