Monday, April 24, 2017

A summer toolkit to help navigate around construction on I-90 between North Bend and Ellensburg

By Meagan Lott

If you're hitting the road this summer, you're going to want to utilize our travel toolkit to help you plan and prepare for construction-related delays and closures along I-90.

A number of road-improvement projects start this week and will continue throughout the summer as we build new lanes, build and repair bridges and fix cracked sections of pavement between North Bend and Ellensburg.
The I-90 construction season is getting underway and there are plenty of
resources drivers can use to stay updated on what’s going on.

It's a difficult challenge as much of what we need to do requires dry weather, which on much of I-90 is tough to depend on outside of a few months in summer and early fall. Unfortunately that's also when people are doing a lot of their traveling, and it's a tough balance of needing to get this work done in a limited timeframe while also wanting to help people get where they want to go with as little delay as possible. We hope these tools will help.

  • I-90 Text Message Alerts
    A new tool in our toolkit to alert you about delays, backups and closures on I-90 between North Bend and Ellensburg. Just text the phrase “WSDOT Snoqulamie” to the number 468311 to start receiving your text message alerts.
  • Webpage
    Our What's Happening on I-90 webpage provides a day-by-day look of what construction activities are taking place and the location to help you prepare for delays and slowdowns.
  • Twitter
    Follow us on Twitter @snoqualmiepass or @wsdot_east to find out the latest information about backups, delays and closures this summer.
  • Email Updates
    Every Friday we send email updates about the following week's traffic impacts on I-90 to help you prepare and plan your trip.
  • Highway Advisory Radio
    Turn to your AM station and tune into 1610 AM or 530 AM while on the road to hear the latest information about construction-related delays and backups on I-90.
Now that you have the toolkit, choose the best communications tool or tools to help you navigate across I-90 this summer. We are also teaming up with the Washington State Patrol to keep our work zones and you safe. You will see a lot more troopers along the I-90 corridor looking for speeders and distracted drivers. So please be safe out there for the sake of each other and all the road crews working to keep this important highway in good shape.