Thursday, March 9, 2017

A unique view of the SR 99 tunnel

By Laura Newborn

Enormous. Gigantic. Immense. No matter what word you choose, it's difficult to convey what it feels like to step into the SR 99 tunnel and watch the tunneling machine Bertha at work.  Anyone who walks through it is in awe of its record-breaking size. We wish we could give everyone a tour of all the work going on, but it's not practical. That's why we hope this unique video tour is almost as good as being there.

With a 360 degree camera, Alaskan Way Viaduct Program Administrator Joe Hedges takes you inside the tunnel and the tunneling machine Bertha, but YOU guide the tour. If you haven't experienced this type of view before, here's a quick primer.
  • If you're watching on your smartphone, turn your phone to see what's behind you, above you and below you.
  • Watching on your computer? Grab the picture with your mouse to move it left, right, up and down. Watch it more than once and you'll see the tunnel, and Bertha, like never before.
Take a look and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy this unique perspective to get a sense of all the work happening out of sight, underneath Seattle.
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Sharlene Minshall said...

I have been listening to reports on the advance of the tunnel (or not) for the year and a half since I moved up here. This is an amazing project and mind-boggling to realize the thought and work that has and will go into it. Thanks for everybody's hard work.

Plywood Analog said...

What camera did WSDOT use for the 360 video?

WSDOT said...

Hi, Plywood Analog. The camera we used is a Samsung Gear 360.

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