Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So much to say about I-90 delays over Labor Day weekend. Let’s t-t-talk about the traffic…

By Summer Derrey

Summer is coming to an end and many people will be trying to enjoy a last-gasp of warm weather, making Labor Day one of the heaviest traveled weekends of the year.

If you are headed east to see Dave Mathews at The Gorge or simply enjoying the solace of eastern Washington, don't get stuck 'treading trodden I-90 for a long long time.' We've got a few tips to consider before hitting the road.

Where are the slow spots?
Traffic is down to one lane eastbound at the Vantage bridge for a painting project. While work won’t be happening, the concrete barriers have to stay in place in case of high-wind emergencies in which the containment system must be taken down ASAP to prevent bridge damage. We recommend crossing the bridge before 11 a.m. on Friday or consider taking alternate routes such as US 97, Interstate 82 or State Route 24.

Eastbound traffic on Snoqualmie Pass gets backed-up Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings near Easton and Cle Elum. Although we won’t be working, there are multiple inactive work zones with narrow lanes and shoulders that will cause a couple pinch points. We also recommend leaving early Friday or waiting until later Saturday afternoon. US 2 is a viable detour, but it gets busy on the weekends as well.

The rush to get back home westbound Sunday and Monday always cause delays too. Mornings are your best bet to beat the backup.

Safety first
There is no point in speeding up and making up for lost time. That can be dangerous and deadly. Please obey all posted speed limits. We want you (and others around you) to arrive safely. The Washington State Patrol will increase patrols and issue tickets to reckless drivers.

Before heading out, check our mobile app and our Snoqualmie Pass web page. These travel graphs will give you an idea of the best times to travel.

No doubt about it, there will be heavy traffic this weekend. But with a little patience and perhaps humming along to Dave Matthews Band, you'll get there. Until then, safe travels.


Vince R said...

Lets see... for the busiest week of traffic, WSDOT plans on doing non-critical maintenance on an important arterial road.

Wow. That is great planning.

Coug66 said...

Thanks for the travel tips. Heading to Pullman for the WSU vs. Eastern game. Go Cougs!

WSDOT said...

Hey Vince R, the work to repaint the Vantage Bridge is critical work because it’s preventing future corrosion of the steel and preserving the bridge so it can last for many more years. Work to repaint the bridge started last summer, with the finish date scheduled to be this fall – the end of September. The work needs to get done and you need to get where you are going. This is why we are doing everything we can to get the word out about planning ahead or choosing an alternate route to avoid getting stuck in the backup.

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