Friday, July 15, 2016

Keeping People Moving, Building Stronger Communities: An Updated 20-Year Framework for Public Transportation

By Sarah Shannon and Stan Suchan

Riding transit is one option people are using
to improve their commute.
Our state is on the cusp of a projected population growth of more than 20 percent during the next 20 years. In addition, Washington’s residents and businesses are changing the ways we communicate, connect, travel and transact. The future of transportation will be defined by new kinds of approaches and business relationships among communities, government agencies and service providers.

Influenced by trends like aging baby boomers, the suburbanization of poverty, technological advancements, aging infrastructure and urbanization, our future transportation system must work differently than it does today. Among other changes, it must make even better use of buses, bikes, walking, ridesharing, telework, ferries, trains, park and rides, and other commuting and transportation options.

Washington is considered one of the top bike-riding
states in the country.
Collaborating with partners throughout the state, the recently updated Washington State Public Transportation Plan provides a 20-year framework to guide the state toward higher-performance, multimodal transportation solutions. Acting Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar said it best: This plan sets a future direction for Washington’s public transportation that supports families, communities, the economy and environment.

Indeed, this plan is truly reflective of all Washingtonians. Throughout its development, we’ve worked with our partners to engage the public, public transportation providers and other experts throughout the state in conversations about key issues like economic growth, technology and vulnerable populations.

Public transportation already plays a crucial role in our transportation system, our communities and in our state. Transportation providers and local leaders are working together to boost the value that public transportation adds and deliver a more sustainable, adaptive and responsive transportation system. The near-term actions outlined in the plan identify our next steps, and we have a progress report planned for December 2017.


Jeff Gray said...

As long as the Extortion Toll Lanes remain on 405, I will never vote for ANY proposal that gives W$DOT a DIME. You have proven yourselves to be, over and over and over again, the most corrupt, ineffectual and arrogant organization in the entire state.

Helena said...

WSDOT has zero credibility after screwing the people of this state in regards to the extortion toll lanes on I405. The extortion toll lanes have been the biggest mistake in transportation history. They have made congestion much much worse and everyone knows it. Instead of listening to the public and doing what is right, WSDOT continues to lie and deceive the public with there false propaganda. We would all be better off if the extortion toll lanes were suspended ASAP. The new and improved configuration would be 4 general purpose lanes and 1 HOV lane. We need to vote out every one that supports the extortion toll lanes and the people at WSDOT need to be fired for the failed extortion toll lanes. It is going to take years for WSDOT to regain the publics trust again.

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