Saturday, April 2, 2016

Grand Opening of the new 520 Floating Bridge

Follow along today as we celebrate the grand opening of the new SR 520 Floating Bridge.


Vince R said...

I don't want to burst a bubble here, but the bridge was still missing a good sized chunk of it when I drove by last night. How could we be opening it when it isn't done?

(is this just word smithing to make it look like it is on schedule or something, or are people really going to be using it other than as a walking pier?)

Vince R said...

@WSDOT When I drove by this last night, the west end appeared to be missing some critical components to qualify as a bridge... like the part that goes on top of the pilings. Unless I missed something, like 6 lanes of concrete, I don't see how this could be a grand opening of anything but a pier at this point.

Def "bridge" - a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle

Def "pier" - a structure leading out from the shore into a body of water, in particular.

Vince R said...

I just double checked the photos from the event... people on the west side are using the old 520 bridge section and you can clearly see the pilings for the new section under construction. I thought I was totally on crack seeing all these news announcements and such that the new bridge was done. Then I went to the bridge construction site and see that the last 25% is still under construction.

I would say that this is definitely misleading.

SR 520 - I-5 to Lake Washington

SR 520 - West Approach Bridge North Project
"The End Result
When completed in 2017, the new West Approach Bridge North will carry westbound cars, trucks and buses from the new floating bridge to the Montlake area.

Eastbound traffic will continue to use the existing west approach structure during WABN construction. Eastbound traffic will ultimately travel on a new West Approach Bridge South.

Also, as a result of West Approach Bridge North construction, SR 520’s new bicycle and pedestrian path will extend from Montlake across Lake Washington to the Eastside, with connections to local and regional trails on both sides of the lake. The West Approach Bridge North project also will implement local street improvements in the Montlake area, a new stormwater treatment facility at the site of the old Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), and a wider bicycle/pedestrian path on 24th Avenue East in Montlake. "

Note: When completed in 2017... as it stands right now, the new bridge is scabbed onto the old bridge. Ask yourself why almost all of the news and videos were on the Medina side... If you look hard enough you will find some pictures of the west side, still under construction as the 150 foot long girders are being moved into place on the pilings.....

What could possible go wrong.... lets declare "Mission Accomplished" now and PAAAARRRRTY.

(yes... I am being a bit critical....this is a huge accomplishment so far... but it isnt done and because of the fiasco from GTG I find myself watching WSDOT closely and wishing our WSDOT policies wouldn't be primarily spin control, marketing and political grand stands... I bet if we spin this a little more we can get a second ribbon cutting ceremony out of it in 2017 or 2018 or whenever it is finished, if someone is still in office)

Vince R said...

Can someone explain why there are so many cracks on the East half of the floating bridge? This is a new bridge that is supposed to last like 50 years and the cement already appears to be cracked... since the cracks have been sealed and the surface ground, I am pretty sure that WSDOT is aware of this... I would just like to know the story behind this since we are going to be paying for this bridge for a very long time.

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