Friday, March 18, 2016

Tracking a busy weekend of work

By Andrea Flatley and Danielle Holstein

Updated: 7:26 p.m. March 20, 2016

A busy weekend of roadwork is underway in King and Snohomish counties and we’ll be updating traffic conditions and work progress on this blog all weekend so be sure to check in regularly.
The #SnoCoSqueeze on I-5 in Marysville will bring weekend backups and delays. Drivers should be prepared for lane reductions as well as reduced speed limits through the area. With southbound I-5 down to two lanes throughout the weekend, drivers should plan trips for earlier or later in the day or consider alternate routes or public transportation.

#SnoCoSqueeze traffic updates:

Sunday, March 20
7:26 p.m.: The backup is only about a mile, just takes an extra minute or two. By tomorrow morning we'll three narrow lanes.
6:49 p.m.: Things improving rapidly now in Marysville. Backup is less than 2.5 miles; vehicles taking about 8 minutes to get through it.
6:10 p.m.: The backup is back down to 4 miles, which takes about 26 minutes to get through.
5:37 p.m.: The backup has grown again, reaching back to 116th Street, about 5 miles.
5:07 p.m.: It's taking about 24 minutes to get through about four miles of backup, which starts at about the outlet mall.
4:14 p.m.: For the Monday AM commute SB I-5 will have three narrow lanes shift to the right.
2:58 p.m.: Backup is now more than 4 miles to the outlet mall. Vehicles are taking about 20 minutes to get through the backup.
206 p.m. Backup is now about 3 3/4 miles to Tulalip Casino. Vehicles are taking about 18 minutes to get through the backup.
12:47 p.m.: Backup now 3 miles to 88th St NE. Vehicles are taking about 12 minutes to get through backup.
11:55 a.m.: Backup slowly growing -- now more than 2 miles before SR 528. Timed a vehicle at 10 minutes from start of backup to end of work zone.
11 a.m.: Contractor crews have tented new expansion joints as concrete cures in case of rain.

10:35 a.m.: Collision in work zone cleared to the left. One-mile backup to SR 528. We tracked a vehicle through the backup and it took about 5 minutes for it to get through.
10:32 a.m.: There is a collision blocking the left lane within the work zone. Expect delays to increase.
10:20 a.m.: Volume is starting to increase through the work zone, but delays remain minimal so far.
8:40 a.m.: Travel times along southbound I-5 from Marysville to Everett remain near normal with no backup through the work zone. Crews are pouring concrete around new expansion joints installed overnight and that concrete will be curing throughout much of the day Sunday.

Saturday, March 19

Summary: Backups began around 8:30 a.m. and reached their peak at 4 p.m., when congestion extended for about 5 miles to 116th St. NE. Backups slowly began to decrease into the evening, and are currently less than 3 miles, beginning south of 88th St. NE. Work is on-schedule for concrete pouring to take place in the morning. Thanks for staying engaged and remember to continue proactively planning your trip.
6:30 p.m.: Backup slowly decreasing -- now around 4 miles beginning in front of Tulalip Rsort Casino. Meanwhile on SR 9, southbound congestion through Marysville has cleared. Contractor crews are pretty much done removing old expansion joints and will set and form new joints overnight.

4:32 p.m.: Drivers seeking to avoid I-5 congestion by taking southbound SR 9 will find a 1 mile backup. WSDOT signals engineers are en route to try and improve flow given heavier traffic.
4:19 p.m.: Travel time from beginning to backup to end is currently about 17 minutes.
3:32 p.m.: Backup is now about 4.5 miles, extending to a point just before 116th St. NE.
2:41 p.m.: Travel time through the construction zone remain at about 9 minutes; the backup is currently 3.2 miles.
2:37 p.m.: Tracked a car from 88th St. NE to 37th St. NE. The journey through the construction zone only took 9 minutes, shaving 2 minutes off last hour's journey. Continue staying engaged and planning your journey so we can keep travel times as manageable as possible!
1:23 p.m.: Tracked another vehicle on our cameras from 88th St. NE through the construction zone and through the 2.5 mile backup it took 11 minutes.
12:56 p.m.: Backups start just after 88th St NE and stretch about 2.5 miles on SB I-5 through the work zone.
12:00 p.m. Tracked a semi from start to end through the construction zone, and it took them about 5 minutes to get through the 2 mile stretch.
10:46 a.m.: Chipping the expansion joint takes a lot of work!

9:24 a.m.: Backups extend more than a mile SB I-5, starting before the SR 528 onramp
8:58 a.m.: Tow truck with WSP in right shoulder and partially blocking the right lane just south of SR 529 exit
8:20 a.m.: Traffic is beginning to slow southbound I-5 through the construction zone. Posted speed limit is 45 mph.

In King County, be ready for re-striping work on northbound I-405 at the SR 520 interchange as part of a project to improve traffic flow and access in that area. Expect multiple lane and ramp closures overnight so plan ahead for delays or consider using alternate routes.

Finally, don’t forget that Friday at 7 p.m. marks a change to our I-405 express toll lane system. All drivers – even without a Good to Go pass – will be free to use all lanes on weekends, from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weeknights, and on some holidays.

We encourage drivers to stay engaged and plan ahead. Plan for longer than normal travel times, adjust your travel times or routes when possible and consider carpooling or public transportation.