Friday, January 22, 2016

Your safety is our priority. We need your help to make our safety your priority

Yesterday, we almost lost an employee in a work zone. Fortunately, our employee is recovering at home and our partner, Washington State Patrol, is investigating the incident. This blog isn’t to talk about the details of what happened; rather, it’s to focus attention to where it needs to be: the road.

Each and every day, we – me included – travel all over for work, meetings, appointments and ultimately home to our loved ones. All too often we see people speeding or driving distracted, but when we drive, we must stay focused. In a split second, it could mean your life … or the life of someone else. 

We talk daily about safety. It’s our first priority in everything we do. Your safety is important and so is ours. Yesterday is a perfect example. We kept many passes closed because weather and avalanche danger simply made them too dangerous to cross. Is it inconvenient? Yes! But, we do it because we want everyone to get where they are going safely.

Your safety is our priority and we need your help to make our safety your priority. We need you to drive safely. Pay attention. Drive slowly in work zones. Limit distractions. Put down your phone.

Nothing is worth jeopardizing your ability to go home … or ours. We are committed to your safety and I need you to be committed to ours.

Thank you,
Secretary Lynn Peterson

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Erin Smith said...

I wish more people would understand that closing the pass as a preventative measure is no more of an inconvenience than the closures/delays caused by unprepared/inexperienced motorists who have no business being on the road.

The Geezer said...

I like Lynn, but she spaketh an untruth here. Maintain the passes the best you can, and let ME make a decision to use the road, or not, instead of closing the dern thing, "just in case".

The Geezer has spaketh (WSDOT employees can guess who I am)

Jason Hill said...

The company I drive for goes to Seattle, Issaquah and Bellvue every day. It seems to me they close the pass every chance they get. They have a lot of plow trucks a couple graders and a huge snow thrower. If the crews put the blad down, when its snowin, to clean the road it be OK. It almost seems like they are afraid of the snow on account I see them out in force when its not snowin and they no where to be seen when it is. How does that work for your safety! Not mention mine?

Unknown said...

I wish that I felt that the Washington DOT was concerned with the safety of those of us that live on or near highway 395 near Deer Park Washington. This little town on one side borders 395 and as the highway passes the town there is no brake in the speed. Cars traveling on the highway are going 60 mph and as cars attempt to cross the highway to get to the other side they are frequently hit. With tragic results. Numerous deaths and injuries have occurred. I just don't understand why the speed limit has not been decreased. Seriously, how difficult is this? Test it out, or maybe look at the results of slow downs in similar towns. Please!! People are dieing.

WSDOT said...

Thanks for the feedback Unknown. We are very concerned with the safety of all who use the state highway system. The tragic collision last night was a person attempting to perform an illegal u-turn in the middle of a 60 mph highway. At the Monroe/Crawford intersection, there are an average of five collisions a year, the majority are caused by drivers pulling out into oncoming traffic before it is clear. While a speed limit change would seem an easy fix, our analysis needs to focus on why drivers are making unsafe choices as they operate their vehicles.

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