Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gearing up for another round of wild weather

By Harmony Weinberg

Ready or not... here we go again! Another round of heavy rain, wind and snow up in the mountains will make its way to western Washington Monday afternoon, Nov. 16, through Thursday, Nov. 19. If you need to go anywhere, go prepared. Be sure to check this blog often as we will be updating this blog with closure information.

Current road closures:

Western Washington:
  • The West Side Highway (SR 411), north of Kelso at mp 6, is CLOSED until further notice due to a slide and power lines blocking the roadway.
  • US 2 - The roadway is still closed at Skykomish.
    Mountain pass closures:
    • US 2 is closed in both directions from the summit of Stevens Pass at mp 64 to Skykomish at mp 49 due to winter storm clean up. At this time there is no estimated time for reopening and no detour available.
    • SR 410 both directions: temporary pass closure on SR 410 from Crystal Mountain Boulevard near mp 57 to Bumping Lake Road near mp 88 due to trees over the roadway and increasing avalanche risk.
    • Chinook Pass/SR 410 and Cayuse Pass/SR 123 temporarily closed at noon on Monday, Nov. 16. Crews will reevaluate conditions throughout the week and decide whether or not to reopen or close the passes for the season.
    • The North Cascades highway (SR 20) is closed for the season.
    Highways Reopened:
    • Both directions of US 2 from Gold Bar to Skykomish have reopened. 
    • The ramp from NB SR 7 ramp to NB I-5 in Tacoma has reopened.
    • Both directions of SR 9 are back open at mp 73 near Acme following flooding from the S Fork Nooksack River.
    • US 12 has reopened between mp 115 and 116.
    • SR 17 is open to traffic in both directions from mp 41 at the junction with SR 262 to mp 47, three miles south of Moses Lake.
    • SR 20 (mp 121) has reopened between Newhalem and Diablo following a mudslide that blocked the roadway.  
    • SR 26 has reopened in both directions from mp 0, just east of Vantage, to mp 6. Earlier, there was poor visibility and blowing dust. 
    • I-90 has been reopened between Vantage and Adams Rd.
    • US 101 has reopened to both directions of traffic at mp 226 at Lake Crescent.
    • The SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge has reopened to traffic. Crews will continue to watch winds.
    • SR 112 has reopened between mileposts 25 and 28 after previously being closed due to water over the roadway. This location is west of Pysht in Clallam County on the Olympic Peninsula. 
    • SR 203 is now open from the SR 202/203 interchange (the roundabout) to Tolt Hill Rd following water over the roadway from the Snoqualmie River. 
    • SR 410 between Enumclaw and Greenwater has reopened.
    • All lanes of SR 512 near Pioneer have reopened.
    • Both directions of SR 530 have reopened just east of Arlington following flooding from the Stillaguamish River.
    • Traffic on SR 542 is alternating between mp 35-46 because of erosion from the Nooksack River at mp 39.6. You can read more about alternating traffic in our news release.

    North Cascades highway is closed for the season.

    SR 20 mudslide between Newhalem and Diablo.

    Mudslide on the West Side Highway (SR 411) north of Kelso at mp 6.

    Will the 520 bridge close?
    The criteria for closing the bridge to traffic and opening the draw span is 50 mph gusts sustained for 15 minutes. When a 40 mph gust is sustained for one minute, a warning alarm calls crews to the bridge for inspection and monitoring. As with all of our bridges our experienced crews can close the bridge at any time they deem it unsafe or when there is a potential for damage.

    Live camera image, refresh browser to refresh image:

    Stay informed


    Fran Lawren said...

    Thank you all for the information, and everyone stay safe out there!

    Anonymous said...

    Any updates on opening of 410 between Enumclaw and Greenwater?

    WSDOT said...

    Hi, Melissa. 410 is still closed between Enumclaw and Greenwater, with no word as to when it will reopen. Please check back at this blog and our Travel Alerts page for updates.

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