Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A 20-year vision for public transportation in Washington

By Sarah Shannon and Jef Lucero

With so many cars already on the road—not to mention a projected population growth of 25 percent over the next 20 years—the ways we integrate, plan for and use public transportation need to change.

The draft Washington State Public Transportation Plan is an innovative approach to planning for public transportation and aims to begin these changes, from how we look at partnerships to the ways we approach technology.

The communities across our state thrive when our residents have access to the things they need most in life. Indeed, just the ability to get to our jobs and schools, to our appointments and errands, and home to our loved ones is fundamental to keeping our communities flourishing.

And public transportation helps connect all of us with our communities.

Our Public Transportation Division worked closely with local transit agencies and service providers throughout the state to draft this plan. Our goal: improve public transportation for everyone. These improvements will not only help people get where they want to go, they will also support economic growth, new jobs, and clean air and water.

As we plan ahead to 2035, we invite you to re-imagine the future of our public transportation system. Together, we can change public transportation to get you to a more efficient, accessible and healthier future.

We're asking for feedback on the plan through January 5, 2016. Please send comments to ShannSa@consultant.wsdot.gov, call 206-462-6467, or take our questionnaire. We will also be talking about the plan at several community meetings statewide (pdf 383 KB) through the end of the year. Your feedback will be vital to the plan's development and the future of our state's public transportation system.

You can download and read the plan, find out about community meetings in your area, and take the questionnaire at the Public Transportation Plan website.


Marilyn Redmond said...

To get people off the road, try rapid transit like Bart or Max in Portland. We need a train from Everette to Olypmia. The little one to the airport is not practicle to move traffic. If you move those going to work with a monorail type vehicle you would find a difference.

unfitforduty said...

Washington State has ignored population growth. Traffic capacity has effectively stayed level over the years I've lived here (Western Washington). Traffic is a mess and all WSDOT can think about is a more buses and static light rail? Let me quote you...

"The communities across our state thrive when our residents have access to the things they need most in life...the ability to get to our jobs ... and home to our loved ones is fundamental to keeping our communities flourishing."

Now WSDOT tolls I-405 and says that it's doing exactly what they want, making the toll lane more effective. Of course, they are only measuring travel times on the toll lanes and completely ignoring everything else. Traffic on surface streets has come to a stand still. Communities lining the I-405 corridor have huge amounts of traffic pushed onto them onto streets that are not designed to handle high amounts of vehicles. Yet, WSDOT doesn't care about what's happening on surface streets, they only care about cherry picking data that makes their projects look good.

Another 20 years of this and you will have good traffic, people will flee the state to escape your ineptitude.

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