Thursday, September 10, 2015

Signs of progress coming to I-405

By Ethan Bergerson

The Interstate 405 express toll lanes will open in just over two weeks, and drivers can easily spot the signs of the changes coming to the heavily traveled corridor on Sunday, Sept. 27.

New signs are popping up along I-405, and over the weekend of Sept. 12-13 many more signs will be installed marking the entrances and exits to the express toll lanes. We want to take a moment to give you a preview of some of the signs you will see and answer some of the questions that you may have.

What new signs can drivers expect to see?

We’re preparing for the I-405 express toll lanes by installing nearly 150 new signs between Bellevue and Lynnwood. Unveiling these signs early will also help get the word out to the nearly 500,000 daily users of I-405 so that they can find out what they need to do to get ready before the lanes open. However, we’re not going to collect any tolls until Sept. 27.


Double white line markers. You might have already seen some signs notifying drivers not to cross the double white lines. The double white lines aren’t there yet – we’ll begin painting those in segments starting about a week before the express toll lanes open.

Local exits. Once you’re in an express toll lane, you will only be able to exit at a designated access point. The new local access signs will give you advanced notice of the upcoming access points so that you can plan your drive and have time to reach upcoming off-ramps.

We’ll talk more next week about why designated access points are beneficial and necessary on I-405. You can also plan your route and find your local access points on our I-405 interactive map.

Drivers will see HOV ONLY on the
signs until express toll lanes
open Sept. 27.
Toll rate signs. Covered toll rate signs have been up for months displaying coded test messages, but over the weekend of Sept. 12-13 crews will unveil all the signs. Drivers will see the message “HOV only” meaning the lanes will continue to operate as they do today…until September 27.

While we’re not charging any tolls yet, when the express toll lanes open these signs will tell you everything you need to know about the current carpool requirements and toll rates so that you
Once express toll lanes open, these
signs will display toll rates and HOV
requirements, which will either be
3+ or 2+ depending on time of day.
can make an informed choice about whether you want to use thelanes for that trip.

Toll rates are based on current traffic conditions in the express toll lanes, and you always pay the price you see when you enter, even if you see a higher toll rate further down the road. Rate signs will also tell you the current carpool requirements.