Monday, August 31, 2015

Three things you need to know about the new I-405 braided ramps in Bothell

By Caitlin Morris

Today is a new day and a new way in Bothell.

Early this morning, crews unveiled the new braided ramp system that carries traffic from NE 160th Street to Northbound Interstate-405 and State Route 522. This morning’s commuters will be the first to use the new congestion-reducing on- and off-ramps at one of I-405’s busiest interchanges or as we call it the Bothell Braids.

Here's what you need to know...

1. Back to the future: Since 2013, drivers have been using a temporary loop ramp south of NE 160th Street to enter northbound I-405. Now drivers will use the new ramp north of NE 160th to get to I-405. This may be familiar to some drivers as it is very similar to the old configuration.

2. Choose your own adventure: Drivers on NE 160th Street can go straight to SR 522 or head to Northbound I-405. Divers are encouraged to select their destination early and stay in their lane.

3. Move it or lose it: Northbound I-405 drivers headed to SR 522 will need to exit about a mile earlier than before. So if you’re planning on driving to Woodinville or Monroe, you’ll want to start merging over to the right-hand lane earlier than before. Look for overhead signs for your cue that the exit is coming up.

How do the Bothell Braids work? Check out our previous blog story to see how the braided ramps ease congestion on Northbound I-405 by separating the 42,000 vehicles jockeying to exit I-405.