Monday, August 31, 2015

Popular calendar with statewide traffic impacts back for the month of September

By Harmony Weinberg

All you planners out there have spoken and we listened! We received a lot of positive feedback about our August calendar with significant traffic impacts for state highways so we’ve decided to put another one together for the month of September.

Be sure to take a look and check this calendar frequently as work plans and event times can change. Happy planning!

View the calendar below in Adobe .pdf format for more details.


James Lamb said...

Didn't realize August was the first time you'd done that, it seemed like such a great no-brainer. Yes, please keep it up!

Kim Sorensen said...

Love love love the new calendar! thanks! Kimmy

Martin Fisher said...

Why doesn't the calendar list a complete closure of southbound I-5 during afternoon rush hour on September 23? That was a fun one to be stuck in with no information provided by WSDOT. I guess blacking out cameras, providing false speeds on routes, and giving no warning of a total closure is WSDOT's way to celebrating the Chinese method of governing.

WSDOT said...

We understand it was a very frustrating three days for those stuck in the middle of all the traffic during the President of China's visit. The Secret Service makes all final decisions on means, methods and directions of travel for foreign dignitaries, and specifics about his trip are known only by the Secret Service. We weren't able to say when or where he would be traveling. The same goes for the traffic cameras. They were blacked out at the request of the Secret Service. In the future, please be sure to check our travel alerts page for real-time traffic information.

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