Thursday, September 25, 2014

A sincere Thank You!

By Cara Mitchell

Many drivers took our warning and stayed away from I-5
in Olympia during the expansion joint replacement work.
We would like to sincerely thank drivers for heeding warnings about potential backups and responding accordingly by staying off Interstate 5 and US 101 in Olympia while contractor crews completed work over two high-impact weekends replacing a 28-year-old bridge expansion joint.

Your response to our request is the reason our flow maps on the Olympia Traffic Camera page stayed green, meaning free-flowing traffic, the majority of time over both weekends. Just how light was traffic? On Saturday, Sept. 14, between noon and 6 p.m., traffic on southbound I-5 in Olympia was 51 percent less than it was the previous Saturday. This trend continued into the following weekend, where we saw over a 60 percent reduction in traffic.  The light traffic allowed us to accelerate construction plans by closing lanes early, with the end result that northbound I-5 lanes and ramps opened a full day early on both weekends, and southbound I-5 lanes and ramps opened several hours early on both weekends. That’s what you call a win/win!

We asked the public to alter their plans, take the not-so-convenient scenic routes, and try Amtrak Cascades. You responded overwhelmingly, and for that we are full of gratitude.

As a reminder, whenever you see the orange cones for construction, bridge work or maintenance activities, please “give our crews a brake.” Together we can preserve and maintain your highway infrastructure in a safe manner.


Anonymous said...

I would like to post a sincere thank you. We recently were in the usa in Washington state just outside of Seattle and was travelling with our motorcycle trilateral in tow with bikes inside when we heard and felt a large bump near our trailer side end. Someone had hit us on the I5 and now we were limping across several lanes of traffic with much traffic volume around us and no where to stop noticing that our tire was bent in and was dragging behind us ....out of no where a Washington dot incident fellow was behind us steering away the traffic from us so we could get safe passage and what a relief it was he was so kind and reassuring .calmed me down and helped us get the tire off as he had an impact gun and kept us safe while we made repairs to move off the highway. He was so amazing many heartfelt thanks go out to him and the service that these amazing guys preform ..he was a tall bald man with a great smile thank you thank you so much.....a Canadian traveller.

WSDOT said...

On behalf of all of WSDOT’s Incident Response Teams, you’re very welcome. Thank you for sharing your experience with WSDOT. Our Incident Response Teams take a lot of pride in helping motorists in times of need. Simply put, they are out there because they want to help people. Here’s to safe journeys.

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