Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Northbound I-405 to close this weekend (we hope)

by guest blogger Steve Peer

Crews will close northbound I-405 this weekend.
When the freeway open Monday morning
it will be a new day and new way in Bellevue. 
You may recall we were going to close northbound I-405 last weekend. Then we didn’t close it. It wasn’t a trick – the weather forecast just didn’t cooperate.
So now what?  Here’s what you need to know:
  1. We intend to close northbound I-405 again this weekend.
  2. The work requires dry weather because of the paving and restriping. If that doesn’t work, we’ll shoot for Oct. 8-9.
  3. When the freeway re-opens Monday morning, drivers will use new ramps to get from Bellevue to Seattle, Kirkland and Redmond.  
If the weather cooperates, drivers should prepare for a northbound I-405 53 hour weekend closure in Bellevue, starting at 11 p.m. Friday.  When the freeway reopens at 4 a.m. Monday, drivers will take new ramps to I-405 and SR 520 in Bellevue. It will be a big change for drivers headed northbound on I-405 through Bellevue.
We’ll have more than 200 new signs in and around Bellevue showing the way to go, but it may take you a few days to adjust to the change. If you slip up, you may end up in Kirkland when you wanted to go to Redmond.

Bottom Line: Come Monday, here’s how to navigate north out of Bellevue:
  • Going to SR 520? Use NE 10th Street. Drivers will no longer have access to SR 520 from NE Eighth Street.
  • Headed to I-405? Use NE Eighth Street. Drivers will use a longer ramp to reach northbound I-405.
  • Mainline drivers should prepare to exit to SR 520 earlier from northbound I-405.
The new ramps, part of the $107.5 million Bellevue Braids Project, will improve traffic flow in Bellevue

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Lisa Lewis said...

I saw on the signage when driving on I-5 that the 405 closure was indeed a go for this weekend. Has the damp, misty weather today impacted any of the work you are doing? How will the striping be completed if it is still so wet on Sunday?

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