Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New “Critter Crossing” in Spokane a big hit

by guest blogger Al Gilson

As part of the US 395/North Spokane Corridor (NSC) freeway project, a thirty-foot arched culvert was installed to carry Deadman Creek under the existing US 2 where the two highways meet.  The culvert replaced an 8 x 8 concrete box culvert.

We installed a motion-activated camera to see if the local wildlife would make the change in their wandering habits from crossing the busy highway to the new, wider and taller route.

We were right!  They love it.  Dozens of deer have been captured by the camera and we also snapped a photo of this moose enjoying an early morning stroll. 


The Geezer said...

Ah, good job. Much better than the mega-millions "Buddy the Squirrel" overpass proposed on Snoqualmie.

The Geezer doesn't mind so much spending tons o' cash on simpler solutions like this. But a quarter mile undercrossing for cars, in a ice and snow zone is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

See, when WSDOT does something right, I salute them. Unfortunately, I do not use a bunch of electrons that often to do so.

The Geeezer

Jack said...

Could we use part of Gilson's blog in Friends of Little Spokane River newsletter in December,
giving credit of course ????

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