Wednesday, August 24, 2011

File this one under: How in the world?

This is quite possibly one of the strangest semi vs bridge situations I've ever witnessed.  This happened yesterday afternoon on I-5 near Toledo.  Somehow the driver managed to go under the bridge between the bridge pier and the hill.
Note the grass in the right of the picture.  Looks like the driver did his best to avoid going
into the overpass. How he got there is quite the mystery.

You can see the guardrail, that is supposed to stop this situation from happening, in front of the
overpass had little to no damage.
Luckily the driver suffered only minor injuries.  His cargo however, didn't fare so well.


shellbell205 said...

I don't understand...was he off roading his semi?

Anonymous said...

Obviously he either fell asleep or was texting.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was driving in REVERSE?!

(Glad the driver is OKay, but I really wonder what he told the authorities...)

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