Friday, January 21, 2011

A couple of feel good videos to start your weekend...

First we have a great story about a couple who's long distance relationship was held together by their train trips. John Lee, a Seattle attorney, asked us if he could propose to his girlfriend, Sarah Kaufmann-Fink, on the train and we were very excited to help set this up:

The second is from the Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce.  The US 101 Simpson Avenue Bridge had to close in August after an inspection revealed damage under the bridge. This closure resulted in a long detour for citizens in the Hoquiam area. We were able to repair the bridge and reopen it Jan. 10.  The Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce cleverly used a karaoke video to promote the local businesses after the bridge re-opened. We love the fact that they found a way to be positive and creative during a tough situation: