Thursday, September 9, 2010

Americas Transportation Awards, we need your help....

Aerial photo of SR 410 landslide
Remember that crazy landslide on SR 410 in October of 2009? Turns out our efforts to reopen that roadway is being recognized nationally! This "Nile Valley Landslide" project is one of ten transportation projects selected by AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials)  as a finalist for this year's Best Transportation Project in the U.S. 

What could we win, you ask?  The winner receives $10,000 to donate to support a community service project or local charity.  Our hope is to put the money back into the Nile Valley community.

So why are we telling you?   This particular award is the "People's Choice Award" and the winner is based solely on the number of votes received.  We hope you can take the time today, and maybe everyday, to head on over to the America's Transportation Award website and cast your vote and help a local community who was so incredibly impacted by this landslide.

Still not convinced you should vote? Here are a few more reasons:
  • This is the only project on the west coast that was nominated
  • It's a way to honor those who worked so hard to get this road back open, we're talking 14 hours a day seven days a week to construct a new river channel and get a detour set up.
  • $10,000
  • Did I mention that $10,000 would come to Washington state to benefit a local project or charity?

Scan this Microsoft
Tag with your smartphone
tag reader to vote.
We need your help, cast your vote and let's win this thing!
(feel free to vote up to 10 times per day ;) )


Anonymous said...

Just a thought... you might want to tell people how to use the QR code you have in the blog post. Great use of a QR code, but if you don't know how to use it, it's no good... GOOD LUCK in the competition!!!

Jeremy Bertrand said...

Great point. Will edit the article. Thanks!

The Geezer said...

How about a way to vote for us too poor due to high taxes/road fees to have a smartphone?

And, you hint at giving the moola to the Nile community, then use some other mealy mouthed words, without addressing the issue of gift of public funds.

I think it would be great to pass the money on directly to the folks at Nile, perhaps the volunteer Fire Department, but can you, because if YOU get the money, they become public funds.

Inquiring minds wanna know.

The Geezer

Jeremy Bertrand said...

Geez, we gift public funds everyday, we just put it in the form of paved highways, transit systems and more ;). All kidding aside, a check is made out to the charitable recipient of our choice directly from AASHTO.

Anonymous said...

Your website offers the option of viewing a video of this project. NO! For semantic reasons you MUST view it as a SLIDE SHOW!

The Geezer said...

Anonymous said...
Your website offers the option of viewing a video of this project. NO! For semantic reasons you MUST view it as a SLIDE SHOW!

Wonderful! Sa-WEET!
The Geezer is not the only smarmy one on these boards.


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