Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chetzemoka in drydock

Hull painting on Chetzemoka in drydock
Originally uploaded by WSDOT.

Ever followed along as a boat is being built? The Chetzemoka construction has been fantastic to follow. Check out the rest of the historic construction photos on Flickr.

Or watch this video:


The Geezer said...

If only we could have two.

What happens if this puppy breaks, and how will we get through another summer with infrequent service?

Time to spend some of that money the state pizzes away on other stuff, and give it to Bertrand to build another boat.


The Geezer said...

What? Howcome we don't get the option to get followup comments on our original post, but only after we hit publish?

Or is my old age causing me to miss that?

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