Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update: Southbound Striping in Bellevue

Last weekend crews bordered each white lane stripe with black paint to further define lanes on southbound I-405 between SE Eighth Street and I-90.
by Guest Blogger Steve Peer

Thank you for your comments about the lane striping on southbound I-405 in Bellevue. We take your comments very seriously – in fact, we investigate each and every one and act on them if there is something we can do.

This is a highly unusual situation with many factors making for a challenging southbound drive out of Bellevue on I-405. Along with our contractor for the South Bellevue Widening project, we’re doing everything we can to look for solutions to keep drivers safe and traffic moving.

Early Saturday morning, we painted black borders on the lane striping on southbound I-405 between SE Eighth and I-90.  We anticipate this will further define the lanes in the area for drivers and make for a safer ride out of Bellevue and solve the issue. If not, we’ll look at other alternatives.

Thanks again for your questions and comments.   Your input it very valuable to us.

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Naturopathic Notes said...

The point was missed. The complaint was not about the new permanent white lines that are down. The complaint, and I totally agreed, was that during the lane expansion and the temporary lanes, the DEFINING of each lane was very poor. The lines were at times there, at imes no there. there were reflectors up which sometimes could be seen and sometimes not.

Since the expansion was completed and the permanenency of where the lanes are, the new white stripping works very well.

Here again is the inability of bureaucrats to listen to what is being said. Again, wasting taxpayer money to fix something that does not needing fixed.

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