Monday, January 5, 2009

Web site at limited capacity...

9:30 a.m. update: The AC unit has been fixed. The Web site is running normally again. We are all breathing a heavy sigh of relief... now if we could just get those avalanche chutes cleared on Snoqualmie pass.

Original post:
Some time early this morning we had an AC unit go out in the Web server room. Once servers get to a certain temperature they shut themselves down, before they get too hot and cause damage to internal components. Because of this, we are running at limited capacity this morning and you may see intermittent outages of the site as servers shut down for safety. We have almost every fan in the building in there right now, but if you have ever been in a server room, it has to be kept very cold.

We will keep you up to date for travel alerts here while this is happening.

Here is a list of current closures:

Snoqualmie pass
Interstate 90, Snoqualmie Pass - check out our travel alerts and slowdowns page for the latest updates.

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The Geezer said...

Alarms for when there is an "event".

On-call techie for when the alarm goes off?

Computing management 101!!!!!!!!!

That said, the Geez took no end of crap at work from his co-workers, for not issuing his famous "snow report" email at 4 ayem today, but when I found your webiste TU, I said, "no sweat, I will just blame it on WSDOT"

Today's grade, on the mayor Nickles scale, is a "D".

The Geezer

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