Monday, January 12, 2009

Aerial Photos of January 2009 flooding

January 2009 - Flood Aerials
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January rain storm caused severe flooding across the state.

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paulc425 said...

Jeremy, great pictures, and thanks for such a good use of technology for communication! I and other friends and family ski at Mission Ridge, but live in the Seattle area. We prefer I-90 and US97 from Seattle. Can you give us any update on the status for US97? Will there be single lanes around washouts, or simply stay closed for repairs? We have a group going over this weekend.

Thanks, Paul

Jeremy Bertrand said...

Don't know if you have seen the photos of US 97 yet, but there were some significant portions of the roadway washed out. I have heard they estimate an opening by the end of the week, but when damage is this bad it's hard to tell.

Rob said...

Really nice photos. Not from the area, but its great to compare to our own system in CO.



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