Sunday, December 21, 2008

More snow coming...stay off the roads if you can

I just saw the dozers clearing the field for the Seahawks and hope the fans keep warm. More snow is on the way and Gov. Gregoire has asked us all to stay off the road if possible.

We do have a few cameras offline in the Seattle area - I hear it's due to frozen fiber optic cables. If that is the case, that's not something we can fix soon.

Have to say the snow falling right now in Olympia is absolutely beautiful - the big, fluffy flakes. It's unfortunate it creates such a driving hazard.

Please be prepared and take it easy out there.

We will be updating this blog and our Twitter account all day. Stay tuned.


Nathan True said...

Thanks Alice!

We sure do appreciate you guys blogging and Twittering to keep us up to date.

Anonymous said...

My family and I drove from Vancouver, BC to Olympia last night. I didn't see one plow, and the roads were simply a mess. What gives? Where are the plows on I-5? Where is the salt and de-icer?

Just wondering.

Jamie Holter said...

The Sunday snowfall was unusual. Not only was it widespread, there was a lot of it. Certainly more than we usually get. While you may nto have seen a plow on your trip down from BC, I can assume you we had every single plow truck, sand truck and deicing truck out there.

Sometimes Mother Nature proves to be too mush for everyone.

We're glad you made it to your destination safely!

Michael said...

What is the name of your Twitter account?


Jeremy Bertrand said...
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Jeremy Bertrand said...

The link to our Twitter account can be found on the upper right of this page or you can access it directly here:

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